Rain rain go away....

come again another day!

Well since Tuesday last we've had close on 100mm (4 inches for you old timers) of rain. Lots of honest to god stormy rain, but even more miserably drizzly rain.

Nathan and I got cabin fever and had to go out for a while today. Lord help us if we lived somewhere where you get blizzards and can't get out of the house for days - we can go out in this weather but it isn't as pleasant as it could be. It had been dully grey but mostly dry all morning. So I start driving and it starts PersISting down! Typical! And topping it off nicely, I discovered some sod had driven into my car and dinted the front quarter panel between the door and the wheel. Gadzooks I hate hate HATE drivers who damage other people's cars but think it's only a scratch, they won't mind.... Interesting isn't it that a cars guide I read said look out for little dings in the panels of the model car I drive because their OWNERS don't care about them! Hello! Can I open the door into the side of my own car and ding it? Do I ding other peoples' cars? Can I put a scratch into my back bumper by leaving my car parked legally and coming back to find someone has left a heap of white paint scraped into the turquoise plastic bumper? Or someone else has flung open their car door so hard that when it hit my car it left a 1cm deep dint and the car alarm went off?


On a happier note, I've finished the first green/red/orange sock. It is about 0.5cm too long for my foot but the whole package is pretty reasonable. I've altered the afterthought heel pattern cos it was too long, so I've tapered it in more quickly. I have pictures, I just have to photoblog them and also work out exactly what I did do in my alterations so I can do it again plaise! Also, whilst the width of the sock fits my foot quite well, it is saggy around my ankle. I guess that is cos I have broad feet and relatively slender ankles. I'll go down 0.5mm in needle size for the next pair. Cos there will be a next pair! Then I have to make Nathan some. Despite his being 195cm, he only has size 10 feet - minute for a bloke his size!

I am also making a couple more little snazzy bags for the market on Saturday, assuming Karen is doing the market. They might be reasonable sellers if I price them right.

I could really do with a good dose of sunlight right now. It is just so dull and grey. Not even my socks are brightening things up much!



  1. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Move north! We're having a lovely day up here on the NSW central coast! Didja know there is a webring for Aussie knitters?? http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=Danae;action=list

    Susan http://www.20six.co.uk/ZenKnits


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