What's for dinner, dear?

Mmmmm, it smells sorta sour and hot, umm what could it be... This is where the steam is coming from, curling up slowly and delicately - a new crockpot!

Top(s) soup! Mmm-mmm, my favourite!

Have to say I like this crockpot dyeing bizzo! The tops are drying by the heater as we speak. There will be more, MORE I say!

Another joyous blissful week of work awaits me. I'll have to get some more training set up - it is nearly August and I have a lot to do by September. Joyous bliss. Ba humbug.

Thanks to all those who have commented and made excellent suggestions for things during the week. Even if I don't always get back to you, I do appreciate your suggestions and you'll see I even take some of them onboard. :-)



  1. If you are serving that for dinner I will only have a small bowl... I had a large lunch! lol



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