Sunday, July 31, 2005

What's for dinner, dear?

Mmmmm, it smells sorta sour and hot, umm what could it be... This is where the steam is coming from, curling up slowly and delicately - a new crockpot!

Top(s) soup! Mmm-mmm, my favourite!

Have to say I like this crockpot dyeing bizzo! The tops are drying by the heater as we speak. There will be more, MORE I say!

Another joyous blissful week of work awaits me. I'll have to get some more training set up - it is nearly August and I have a lot to do by September. Joyous bliss. Ba humbug.

Thanks to all those who have commented and made excellent suggestions for things during the week. Even if I don't always get back to you, I do appreciate your suggestions and you'll see I even take some of them onboard. :-)


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  1. If you are serving that for dinner I will only have a small bowl... I had a large lunch! lol



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