Dr Snot Fights Back

G'day all!

(Jeez I hope tomorrow we don't have a header "Revenge of the Snot").

So let's have a look at the things that dominated my life on the weekend.

The Knit Out in Fed Square:

Nice little turnout there! I was thinking of labelling everyone then I realised that we have had so many new faces show up recently I don't know who you are! (And please ignore the rather grumpy face of Trev in the second photo - Trev is regarded as a spunk by various of my female workmates. And many apologies to the girl whose eye is being skewered by the sock monster. Oops!)

On Sunday I took all of these to market to market to buy a fat pig. Well on my earnings, the piggie wiggies are safe! The scarves all came home again.

A new basket to put all my handspun pretties in, only I discovered that they fill up an entire drawer and the basket....

This pretty much did me in on Sunday night.

The stove was an innocent witness to a terrible fall. The fall out was widespread, reaching most of the way to the fridge on the other side of the kitchen and all over my shoes. My shoes! My new pants, covered in great gobs of flesh!

Here's the crime scene:

and a close up of the victim:

(After I stopped crying cos I was miserable and had just made a HUGE mess in somehow knocking the open tin of tomatoes off the stove, I went and got the camera to record the mess for posterity. Is that weird? Then I cleaned it up and discovered that I am allergic to the scent of the new floor wash, but I must say the new floor wash made the floor look clean, which it never has despite hours of scrubbing.)

I would show you a lovely picture of Nathan's sock - only 30 rows to go on the 88 rows of 1X1 rib (I won't be doing that in a hurry again!), so I have done about 16 rows today - but there isn't one. Indeed, there is not one picture of this sock in progress at all. You might be wondering if it does indeed exist. Well it does, but it is hard to get nice shots of socks in progress. They just look wrong.

OK, that has dealt with the knitting content of this blog today!

Random ravings and some quiz stuff

The stupid puffer smelly thing in the toilets at work hates me. It puffs when I walk in the door, am in the toot or walk out the door and sprays me with a "beautiful fruity scent." Bah humbug. Nasty thing. It knows that I don't like it so it puffs out more scent for me to keep the toots smelling "nice." (Maybe that is a hint by an inanimate object?) The rational explanation is that it goes off every half hour, and I just so happen to go at certain times of the day. I've experienced those smelly things before, notably at a motel on the edge of the Nullarbor. Its timer was half a day out so it puffed out scent for half the night until we found out how to turn it off. Ye gods it was feral. I'd almost prefer to smell vomit than that scent. It would hardly make me feel any sicker.

Did you know there is a suburb called La Briguetterie in the capital city (Yaounde) of Cameroon? I'd be guessing that there was/is a briquette factory there, which means Cameroon has coal.

I did a nerd test and came out 63% cool. Like HOW on EARTH did that happen? I am not cool! The Greek girls at work think I am a total nerd! I like being a nerd and a geek. I don't want to blend in with the rest of the corporate clones! I was so disappointed with the results of that test that I am not even passing on the URL....

I redid the Inner European Quiz again, and came out Swedish again. That is pretty cool but I do so wish that I had the tanning gene set instead of the let's stay and of the sun and be white lest we look like a broiled crayfish (lobster) gene set instead. I've got cheekbones! Blonde hair! But I lucked out with the rest....

Your Inner European is Swedish!

Relaxed and peaceful.
You like to kick back and enjoy life.

(Can you believe the html on the QUIZ was broken and this post has sat unpublished for a day? Cos I thought it would be OK and didn't check the publishing window?)

I have to say that I was most impressed when I saw this:

This is a graph of the usage of the different browsers that my blog counter does for me. Go Firefox! You can do it baby! This is the highest usage of Firefox that I have ever seen. Sick of IE? Sick of evil little html viruses infecting your machine? Sick of pop-ups? Go download Firefox and experience a whole new world of web browsing!
(Sorry - got evangelistic for a moment there...)

Finally, I have been most remiss in not wishing my Canadian blog buddies a most excellent and bodacious Canada Day for last Friday, and a big load of fireworks for my American buddies for the 4th of July! Hope you had fun days! (Plus my good friend Knitty in Pink had a birthday on Saturday and got hitched on Independence Day. LOL)

PS - Visit LynnH's website and drool at her hand-dyed yarns and pity me for I am in Australia and cannot get droolsome yarns without either making them myself or waiting for WEEKS to get them.



  1. Rest assured, ye doubters, Nathan's Sock DOES exist!!! It was growing, albeit slowly, at the non-market on Sunday! (It was too cold to knit fast!)
    BTW, I still use Mozilla 1.5, so may be responsible for part/all of the other tiny yellow sliver on your pie-chart! Now that my internet bank has decided to make things work properly in Firefox/Mozilla, I have almost no further use for Mr Bill's products! Except for the very occasional site wtitten by troglodyte 'programmers' which needs IExploder. Hooray for Open Source, and why haven't they given our friend Mr Torvalds some sort of Nobel Prize or similar for services to the world at large???

  2. Jacqui S4:15 pm

    Hey Lynne...just popped in (oops typed two o's and one p there...very misfortunate typo!!) to catch up.

    I went to the link and did that 'Inner European' thingy, and guess what...surprise, surprise, mines Irish...well, well, who needed a quiz to tell me that!!

    Rgds Jacqui S


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