The triumphant return of Dr Snot

G'day all!

Well what a crappy 48 hours it has been! LOL

I've got a cold. That is all it is but jeez it certainly took its time afflicting me and now it has taken up residence in my sinuses. Out dang cold! I have to go to Brisvegas next Sunday for work! I am not giving up an all expenses paid trip just cos Mr Nose (Mr Node?) says he has to clag up. Had to do that earlier this year when I had a massive sinus infection.

Yesterday I stayed outside at the Box Hill market with my mate Karen for hours, even though I was feeling crappy. It was my first experience at that market, and I think I should take my wares elsewhere. I took along about 30 odd scarves, knitted with love (hack cough yeah right) by me for that special person, and not one of them sold despite their quite reasonable price of $20. Of course all anyone had to do was lollygag over to the $2 shop and pick one up for $5 (ahem), made in China by some poor mug who gets about 2c for their work..... Noone was selling much at all. Nunawading may be better and the Hawthorn market may be a bit upmarket for our lot of stuff (Karen does hats). Anyone want a quite reasonably priced scarf? (Most of them have about $15 of yarn in them, some have more, some have less. Bright colours, in the main, you know me!)

Argh! Gross nose! If I don't stick a tissue up it, it randomly drips. It's ok, though, I've got my raincoat on and it is waterproof (but my pants aren't - oh no I need plastic pants!) LOL!

Jeez, I hope I haven't inflicted this cold on anyone else. A thousand apologies if I have.

I do have some new pics and there was an Incident in the kitchen that was vaguely noteworthy but to be honest, tonight is not the night I am doing photos. It's time for bed instead!

(Di - I have a nice pic of you and your Klee scarf on my image server. It is the full size image. Email me at natiel3atyahoodotcom and I'll tell you where to find it).



  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope Dr Snot decides to visit someone else very soon. I'm going to try my hand at selling some of my scarves for $15 at Laverton market.


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