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G'day all!

Another quickie tonight. Gotta get a good night's sleep in preparation for the info sessions I have to run tomorrow.

Drove halfway across Melbourne to visit my sister in hospital, got there, took one look at the place and nearly flipped out. Same place that my aunt died 15 years ago of breast cancer. Horrible, horrible disease. Bad associations with that place.

But my sister is pretty good, all things considered. She has chemical allergies like you wouldn't believe and the hospital pretty much hits all of them on the head - BINGO! Plus she has coeliac disease and needs gluten free foods. You would think a hospital could do GF food but nope, they are clueless. Her knee is mucho bruised and will have a scar on right over the knee cap but much better than the last op where the wound got infected with golden staph.... her knee works and she is very happy. It is the first time in ages since it worked properly.

So onto the stash enhancement. Oh yes, there is MORE! MORE I tell you. I saw the Bendi show as being a good opportunity to stock up rather than have to mail order or go for long and pleasant drives (the latter sounds pretty good, actually).

All of this lot came from Fibreworks. I don't think I'll link to their website cos it isn't really a website, just one page with an email addy on it and a pic out of our local knitting mag. My stash enhancement is a much better ad than that. Plus the contact details are on the larger labels if you are really interested.... I've even left the prices on just for you! Excuse the packaging - if I let it out of the bags it just exploded everywhere and that is very hard to store.

Surprise surprise, brightly coloured merino! Meet lorikeet - so aptly named!

And some merino in pinks and menopausal moody mauves:

(It might be sarsparilla but it wasn't labelled)

Some silk in a colourway called sarsparilla:

A silk cap that Judy says is spinnable:

Some lorikeet coloured throwsters waste - this should be a challenge to spin in with stuff!

Something a bit spesh in a non-shpeshul way:

And some violet dyed cashmere as well!

(OK so it looks blue in the pic - blame the digi for that and me being too lazy to tweak it)

Enough for tonight. There is yet more - yes you get a set of free Ginzu steak knifes!

I promised knitting content, didn't I? Umm, well I *still* haven't finished the left front of the Vogue jacket - must do that. I managed to get another 1.5cm onto both socks today - better check them to see how they are tracking against my foot. If I knit madly on my train trip I think I can get four rounds done on each sock in my 23 minute train trip. I think I am wasting a bit of time untangling the wool - it gets very tangled in the two circs and around itself and yadda yadda yadda.

Better go sew the button back on my winter coat. It has been threatening to come off for umm like well months... and today it finally did. I won't mention where I was sitting at the time but the room was so small it couldn't skitter off very far....



  1. Wow! You really cleaned up at Bendi! That is some great stuff - I can't wait to see it spun up. Yesterdays pinks were gorgeous!!

  2. You sure do manage to find some great colors Lynne.

  3. Colour, colour, colour! What wonderful finds.

  4. My boyfriend has celiac disease too! I can't believe the hospital didn't have any GF foods. That's just crazy!


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