Away away!

G'day all!

No pics again today! Why? Cos it was miserable and gray here today - perfect for me to wear my newly finished thrummed mittens! N ot too good for pictures. Top temp was only 10 degrees. It was unpleasantly cold in our loungeroom as we watched Dr Who, the new Dr Who. I was spinning and my fingies were quite cold thank you waether gods! And the one that made something die in our central heating....

I showed the spun silk and the thrummed mittens to Marta (who sourced my wheel) and she thought they wer both very nice and I should sell thrummed mittens, maybe felt/full them a little first. But who would pay me a bucketload for brightly coloured handspun thrummed mittens? Apart from a few desperate Newfies ;-)

Note that I have turned my political side off again. It isn't very strong anyway. Pam raised a good point about how the USA is expected to go in and help out with problems. I am going to make no further comments.

Tomorrow I hop on a plane and fly off to Brisbane, nearly a thousand miles away (by road - by plane? probably 800 miles?). It's a long way away. They had 25 degrees there today compared to our 10. Which reminds me - I'd better check the forecast. No point leaving the winter woolies at home if it is freezing in Brisvegas. 18, 20, 21 degrees when I am up there. I am likely to fry not freeze. LOL.

I'm unlikely to be blogging whilst I am away, though one never knows.... Anyway, do all the things I wouldn't do (eat, drink, be merry, etc ;-) and we'll chat later. I get back on Tuesday night.



  1. If you haven't left yet. It's damn freezing here in Brisbane today (Sunday). We've got gale force westerly winds. Makes the chill factor not nice. If you are planning on staying indoors then it's okay, but if you will be outdoors for any length of time, better bring your mittens, beanie and scarf.


  2. Hope you have a great time in Brisbane. I have heard that its freezing all over the place. Got informed by a friend it got to MINUS 5 in WESTERN AUSTRALIA! Whats up with that!?!?!?


  3. have fun on your travels! enjoy the weather, whatever it may be.

  4. Enjoy the warmer weather!


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