155th birthday party

G'day all!

Just been at a 155th birthday party, which then turned into a 210th birthday party. How could that be?

Real quick one tonight cos I am a bit tired after a very long day. Had to take the other car across to be checked out by my BiL's mechanic (whom I don't like), wandered around a shopping centre for two hours waiting for the car to be ready, then helped nathan prep the floorboard edging for sanding (ie I pulled out lots of nails from the carpet tacking edge stuff), plied 120g of stuff, spun another 80g, plied up some thick and thin pink stuff with lurex thread, rubbed tung oil into the floorboards....

So what do we have for your delectation and delight?

Acquisitions from Thursday! My poor budget - I am not going to be able to buy anything for the next month. The white yarn that I was not going to show off but now I am.

Two unfinished squares to be finished and sent off for Kerstin's BiL's memorial blanket. This first one is in some yarn I dyed with food dyes last year.

This is one I dyed myself and spun too. After starting to sew it together with the mitres facing outwards, I realised it looks like a cross but nyeh, the mitres are outward looking not inward looking and self contained.

Ah that is your lot for this evening cos I am whupped, and the floor staining stuff is overwhelming me. Non-toxic but like it smells like a full on pine forest and that is Too Much after a while. All my mucous membranes are starting to tingle.



  1. Is that white wool for dying? I cant wait to see what you do with it.

    Love the two squares you did too.


  2. Whew, you are making me feel lazy :) Of course you're tired! Take a nap today...


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