Knit out

G'day all!

Today was the day of the much anticipated knit out for the scarf festival. Yay scarf festival. Yay knit out. I put in three scarves for sale and one for sale/exhibition. So I buzzed around like a bee in a bottle trying to get everything done before getting myself off to the knit out. A few people turne dup for the knit out. Good to see so many new faces!

Whilst I think of it, is anyone interested in knitting really whack free form toys and bright stuff for a fund raiser for the Lighthouse Foundation to be held at the November Red Hill market? If so, let me know and I'll pass on your details to one of the organisers.

Didn't see my scarf in the exhibition in Federation Square

(didn't occur to me to take a pic of the scarf display so you'll have to deal with pics of Fed Square instead). After being lectured by Sarah on making sure that I didn't undersell any scarves, the first scarf we admired was what over $3000? Like THREE THOUSAND SMACKEROOS! 3K of BIG ONES! OK, so 40% of that goes in commission (making me seriously consider NOT entering anything in it next year cos I have to charge what I consider outrageous amounts for my scarves). It was very sad that I didn't see my scarf there. Boo hoo. It may be in a different display. Or they may have decided they hate it and yeah....

I have a sock monster! On the train on the way in I swapped Nathan's sock onto the circs I bought at the Wool Baa a week ago. I had nowhere to put the five DPNs so I stuck them into the foot of the sock.

Behold the sock monster beholding the SnB knit out table!

Alas, I did not knit a stitch at the knit out. I did take a couple of pics but they are for group approval first. I wasn't even there for two hours before I had to come home to get to Uncle Ricks to get my GF/DF goodies. I spent most of my time looking at scarves and acting totally whacko. Like I don't know what has gotten into me recently but I am a total loony. I'm enjoying it though. I think it is because I am constantly pushing to do things and am half knackered, so I am running on adrenaline half the time.

So I should to bed!



  1. Hi Lynne, I didn't realise you had 3 scarves in! (or that there was one there for $3k...!eek!). Let me know if you managed to get a decent photo of me!


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