Two sleeps!

G'day all!

I've reverted to childhood. Remember how Christmas used to take for ever to come, unlike now when you are an adult (of some form) and Christmas hits you like a steam train, walloping you between the eyes before you even notice it was getting close.

Well, today dragged like Christmas was coming. Bendi Bendi Bendi! Bendi! Even if going to Bendi means getting up at 6am on a sleep in day, like getting up earlier than normal! Bendi Bendi Bendi! I swear that time slowed down massively between 9:45 and 9:52 in particular this morning - two half hour tasks took me 2 minutes and 3 minutes respectively.

K's DH is driving me, K and A2 to Bendi. Poor D. A car full of wool crazed women all hyped on lack of breakfast and wool fever.

I have new Blundstone boots which should keep my feet nice and dry, I have a raincoat, I have winter woollies to put on (trust me I'll need them out of the car), I have thrummed mittens (which I still do not have a picture of....) and numerous knitted hats to wear along with enough scarves to outfit a battalion (as long as they don't mind wearing bright colours and interesting textures). I have cash. I have a credit card.


Knitting news:
I have almost reached the armpit on the left front of the Vogue jacket. 3cm or so to go. HOORAY! I also stuffed up the two socks on circs so badly that I pulled one sock off the needles and put it back on rather carefully.

Here's one of my favourite shots from Brissie. It is a bad picture of some straw necked ibis feeding in what I think is a papyrus bed that has been somewhat pruned.... but I really like the pic. Dunno why.

And on that tasty note, I shall bid you



  1. Oh, I am so sure to post lots of pics!! There is nothing of the sort here so I must live vicariously.

  2. Enjoy! I know that excitement. It was the same feeling that had me driving almost 4 hours with twin toddlers to stay in a hotel. Alone. With the short people. Ahhh wool.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures!


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