Bring out the Ginzu steak knives

G'day all!

Ohmigod, but wait, there's more!

Since my image server was down on Friday night and Saturday, I didn't complete the blogging of the Bendi acquisitions. I think I am doing this for my benefit more than yours, so please forgive me for putting it all up on line.

I am already getting nice surprises when I open the old set of drawers I have stashed my fleece in. Oh, I'd forgotten about that already! Oooh, a nice bit of silk! Oh that stuff I bought from Marta's three weeks ago that I just found in a bag - about 25g of a silk thread that is the weight of heavy cotton. I am going to dye some of it up with some wool and then spin and play with it. Marta showed me some fantastic stuff she's had spun with it - if you cut the silk up into shortish lengths then you can spin it into the yarn and make eyelash yarn. OK, some people might think that is a waste but jeez Marta's extra special play bag of silks was stunning!

Nutmeg checking out the stash acquisition:

The BEST tools I have bought in ages. These are bloodthirsty little things - ready to take a bit of flesh out of me and sacrifice it to the wool gods. Note the elastoplast on my thumb, after I skewered myself whilst demonstrating the use of said tools to my MiL. That was the first time I made myself bleed a lot - the rest were little nicks.

Yes, I got me some combs! Plus the wool I am combing up is more Finn sheep,

only it was a bit too lumpy for me - this lot is technically felting wool.

I am just gently combing it out and making tops from it.

I am so pleased with the results of using the combs on some of the more matted tops that I have - OK I am getting plenty of wastage

but that can just be mixed with a little longer fleece and felted cos Finn sheep fleece seems like as if all it wants to do is felt.

In other news:

I have finished Harry Potter and am quite happy to discuss same. There are so many ideas bubbling in me about it without me having read a single spoiler discussion.

Recently I have made the "acquaintance" of Crazy Turban Man. I call him this because he wears a turban and because he is a little erratic in his driving habits.

On Friday or Thursday I had the extreme pleasure of being the lucky person in the car in front of Crazy Turban Man. He was apparently in a rampaging hurry to get to the station on time for the train. The best way to hurry up the car in front, even though it is travelling with the traffic on the speed limit is to tailgate it, at least in the mind of Crazy Turban Man. He sat no more than a car length off my back bumper all the way from the freeway to the station. When we were stopped at the lights I didn't mind him being glued to my back end like a tick but when we were doing 60kmh (37mph) I felt rather uncomfortable.... It appears that he has not yet worn the brakes or tyres out in his Camry, for which I am eternally grateful, but he is working pretty hard on needing a new set.

This morning I had the very great pleasure of driving behind Crazy Turban Man.

Today he appeared to be trying to scratch under his turban for half the trip from the freeway to the railway station, causing his car to drift all over the two lanes available on our side of the road. At least he had backed off the car in front. Except for the moment when he left it until the last millisecond to stop. I decided to back off and give him a bit of room. I no want to prang my car.

Next time, some dyed and spun up sock yarn, at last! Maybe some pics of the spinning I've been doing, including two lots of Finn sheep fleece. Plus a new acquisition. It ain't pretty but it will be very useful.



  1. Bloodthirsty is the perfect description for those combs - yikes!! They look like something straight from a horror film, don't they?? I can see the villain chasing down innocents brandishing those things. Very scary. And your poor finger...ouch.

  2. I cannot believe that you even had more to show us! You sure did buy a lot of fiber and it's gorgeous!


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