Bendi II

G'day all!

A quicky tonight. I shall document the true extent of my madness at Bendi over the next few days... and someone has already guessed my favourite (and most expensive) purchase!

A few bits and pieces from Wendy Dennis - two of everything bar the bluey polwarth/silk mix cos I only found one of those. The first two are polwarth silk blends, the last one is plain polwarth. Can't wait to spin them all up....

I showed Wendy a bit of some of her stuff I spun and navajo plied up and she was delighted to see the secondaries coming up - I presume she was meaning the parts where two (or more) dye colours blend together.

More next time - maybe tomorrow, maybe not cos tomorrow night I have to go and see my sister who is in hospital. After nearly 30 years with an increasingly crook knee and increasing disability, she decided to shout herself a knee replacement for her 50th. (Mental note to self - if I ever do my anterior cruciate ligament and have cartilage damage I should get the best knee doc with the most experience that I can.)

Did anyone else forget to turn their alarm on this morning? And wake up half an hour late and get to the station just in time to miss the train, only it was ok cos the train didn't run so you couldn't get on the next train cos it was already full, so you ended up half an hour later at work than normal? Or am I the only special person out there?

okey dokey, that is me done for the day. This cleaning the house for rental inspection stuff is annoying - takes me away from good blogging, spinning and knitting time!



  1. Great Bendi pics - that little fellow eating the ribbon is just too cute. Can't wait to see the rest of the stash - it's looking great so far!

  2. that's why i bought my house, lol, then the only inspector i have to deal iwth is my fiance (and he's a rough one, lol). pretty colors. i need to oil my wheel and get back to it

  3. Lovely fibery pics!!! don't worry, the ballwinder god's are to darn busy messing with me to bother with anyone else - in a way, I've done a great service to all - feel free to wind to your hearts content and be good at it - they aren't looking at you, because I'm keeping them busy!


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