That time already!

G'day all!

Well I have had a fun night trying to get together my web page for my hand spun yarns. I worked very hard on it. I made a nice background image, all spotty after wrangling for half an hour (ok maybe not that long) with Inkscape (may I just say that the way to change the colour of the spots was not at all obvious to this loser geek):

I made a nice little banner (ok, it needs improvement) with the Gimp (dunno that it will fit in this blogspace):

I started building the webpage and have discovered that you have to use DIV tags to create white space on your web page these days. Egads. Stuff that for a joke! I'll have to find an old page I did on Dreamweaver and see if I can make sense of that and my blog template.

And all of a sudden it is 10:30 and I've hardly done anything it feels all night (OK, so I made dinner and I took Nathan to his church to rehearse for Sunday's service and then I went shopping at Coles to get me many yummies) and I've just discovered there was a broken html tag in yesterday's post (in a copied link!)....

No sock progress since yesterday. They are forecasting 12 degrees with all sorts of nasty cold sou'westerlies on Friday and I want me to have some nice new thrummed mittens to wear on my poor cold mitts! So the socks have been dropped like a hot spud or yesterday's news and I am knitting me my thrummed mittens.

Only four days until I fly to Brisvegas to the warm warm, though it will probably only be about 20 degrees knowing my luck but that is warm compared to 12! Only problem is that I have to learn a heap of stuff for the info session I am running on Monday, and then I have to know what I am up to in the session on Tuesday.



  1. Hope you're feeling better! So sorry that you're scarves didn't sell! Although the knit-out looks like alot of fun.
    BTW - the Gimp is great!

  2. Looks like you've had some adventurous few days. Especially with the can of tomatoes all over the floor. Believe me, I've done similar things where I was just at my wits end at the end of the day and one little thing (which normally isn't such a huge deal) happens and you burst out crying cause it was the last straw. Oh yeah. Been there.

    Hope you have a great time in the warmer weather!


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