London bombs

Well well well! Terrorist attacks on London, just after it wins the 2012 Olympics. Neatly timed or preplanned to protest the G8 meeting? G8 more likely....

Hope all my Brit friends out there are ok along with your families and friends. 'sfunny, but I expect a much more pragmatic response from the Brits than I do from Americans (no offense to you yankees but your govt is soooo reactive and excitable - like chicken little!).

(Wonder how many of you will come back and read my blog in the future now? Sept 11 was a terrible terrible event, but I think the USA govt under Bush has made some extremely bad mistakes in policy and it is something the rest of us have to wear as well.)

Knitting news. Not so important.

Some has happened.

Yes, I have finished one thrummed mitt, except the ends are not yet woven in. The other thrummed mitt needs the thumb to be knitted up. It is on the needles but I haven't quite started yet.

My SnB group has started discussing some outings, like knitting on the City Circle tram (which isn't at present cos some major road works are stopping the circle part, so it does most of the loop instead). The City Circle trams are a bit small though, so we might hog it badly. A trip on Puffing Billy would be fun, though I might not hang my legs out the windows like kids do...

Anyway, time to get to bed and be ready for another day at work - too much Stuff To Do at work tomorrow.



  1. Well yes, I remember the live reports of Sept 11 on NBC Today, and now we've had BBCWorld on Pay TV since tea time. The difference in the style of reporting, and the general reaction is as we would expect. Of course, the Yanks weren't used to having people from elsewhere attack them at home, and Londoners had the Blitz 60 years ago, and the Irish have been blowing up bits of Britain since whenever. Result - the Brits are prepared for this sort of thing - the BeeB is reporting many People In High Places saying how well the emergency procedures are working - from the TV pics etc, this appears to be true.
    And I bet this won't cause an outbreak of knitting national flags on everything, including socks, dishcloths and dog beds, like a similar occurrence did elsewhere!

  2. Peerhaps you should all take into consideration that two huge buildinggs fell to rubble and over 3000 people were killed on September 11 when you want to talk about over reaction.

  3. i'll be back to read, don't worry :) the bush administration has had their collective thumbs up their asses since the shrub took office. even now american news is trying desperatly to pin this on al quaida (i have no idea how to spell that, sorry), when there has been no substantiated information saying they have anything to do with it. last i heard, there was one small group claiming dubious responsability on their website.

  4. I have to agree that the way the US government dealt with the problem of Sept. 11th wasn't how I'd do it. In fact, I'm not at all proud of how they reacted. Just remember that us Yanks aren't all bad people. Some of us actually do have our head on straight!

  5. Apparently we Yanks can't do anything right. Every disaster, we are expected to jump in with both feet and "fix" it. If there is the slightest delay, there is great criticism. If it does'nt work out exactly right there is great criticism. The next horrific problem on the horizon is the genocide in Africa...criticism because we aren't there already. I don't know the answer to the worlds problems. I hate it that we are losing people every day in an attemt to make the world a better place but everyone ignored one madman and the results weren't good.
    My heart goes out to all the Brits who have been affected by this latest tragedy and may the world be at peace sooner rather than later.


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