Craft and Quilt fair

G'day all!

I trawled off to the craft and quilt fair today on my lovely day off. I was feeling pretty crufty cos my gut was carrying on like a pork chop. Stupid thing. But with a bit of fluid replacement we were go go GO!

Now if you want woolly stuff, this is not the fair to go to. But I did get to meet LisaG and Claire from Xotik Yarns, had a good chat with Lisa about selling stuff.

I admit that I still bought stuff. I forgot to take pictures of it this afternoon - like DUH!

How many of you want to see the undyed laceweight, like real laceweight, 100% wool? 100g for $20. Or the undyed laceweight (slightly heavier though) kid mohair? About $25 for 100g. Or the undyed mulberry silk, fingering weight stuff? About $30 for 99g.

I thought you wouldn't want to see it until it is dyed. I already have agreed to dye the wool black and violet for K - she has been looking for stuff like that for a while.

Where'd I get it? Kaalund yarns. They are interesting cos it is an old family business but the two daughters are starting to funk it up a bit, new colourways, not safe oldy colours. However their website navigation relies on Flash and that is Not Good from my POV cos my system doesn't like Flash. What is wrong with a bit of nice safe HTML? Blind knitters can't navigate their site either now.

I bought a couple of balls of some Crystal Palace stuff from Claire. We don't get much of it here - Xotik Yarns is the only seller that I know of in Oz. Some of it is interesting.

Plus I bought three lots of Touch yarns dyed merino slivers - didn't even know that they do them. I missed out on the best colourway literally by about a minute (can you guess what sort of colourway it was?). Sigh. They do lots of nice NZ wools - worth a peek at the website particularly for Brits and Yankees.

Oh and I had to buy a pair of Lisa's needles with literally my last dollars.

I think there were six yarn stalls out of about 100 stalls all up. If you are into quilting/patchwork this is your place! But other crafts get a look in too.

After nearly three hours there I was brain fried. Overload of colours and ideas. I had to sit and spin some nice chunky yarn up - I am sure Lisa would approve of four different pinks done together. I am contemplating plying it with the silver lurex thread. Mmmmm. I really just want to sit and spin (creating yarn spinning not the really tired head spinning that I am doing at present).

Oh, plus I realised that I had totally stuffed up the yarnivorous handspun yarn page that I was working on weeks ago and got stinky with when it didn't work. Things don't tend to work when you don't put the text in the right place in html. It can't guess what I really mean. So I fixed the problem and then started working on the merino handspun page. I might even have some yarn up on the weekend! Plus I will probably just go with Paypal for the overseas payment option (home option is direct credit to the bank account) - people say it is expensive but crikey I've looked at some "solutions" and they cost hundreds to get the software and have the same ongoing fees as paypal.

Pics of what I've been up to on the weekend! Honest! But not from the fair cos they had very large warnings "Do not take photos on risk of being thrown out and into the Yarra" (river). Hmm, I didn't want to be thrown out. And no they didn't really say you'll get chucked in the river but you would be ejected with a certain degree of prejudice.

Oh, yeah, anyone got any good simple lace patterns over an 8 stitch repeat (64 stitches all up) suitable for the cuffs on socks? I am bored with my stockinette socks and thought a modifed feather and fan would be good but it wasn't. It was YUCKY and DID NOT WORK.



  1. Lisa in Collingwood, ON9:17 am This is a great/easy lace sock over 64 sts. I just do it all in one colour.

  2. Ooooh thanks for the link to the lovely wooden needles ... can we order from the UK, I hope so!


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