wah-heyyy! Pics are back!

G'day again all!

Pics are back!

Pity that I am feeling lousy and want to go back and read Gibbering's Harry Potter. It is so good of friends to lend you books when you have done your own dough on Too Much Fibre! We'll get book six soon enough, just not quite yet.

(I admit though that, despite a certain lack of budget, today I bought $27 of cheap annuals and bulbs to stick in the front yard cos it is looking so bare. Still, for that $27 I got a whole big tray of about 20 seedling polyanthuses/polyanthi, 130-odd ranunculus cormy things only one of the bags had been opened grrrr so more like 115, 6 hyacinths for a pot, six pansies and violas, and a punnet of snowpeas. I almost bought another barerooted Rosa Tuscany Superb to match the one I have, only I realised that digging out the diosma that dominates the letterbox and replacing it with a thorny rose may not be a good idea. At least the diosma doesn't bite....)

So soon I can discuss HP&tHBP with others who have read it. Yay!

Knitting content? What is that?



  1. HBP is awesome! i have been waiting patiently for my husband to read it so i can have someone to discuss it with.


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