One mingy sleep to go!

G'day all!

I should be in bed in 10 minutes and getting to sleep so that when I wake up at 6am I am fresh as a daisy, well not totally asleep.

If I am asleep by 10:30 I will be lucky, but it will be as long a sleep as I've been having recently.... 8 hours has me cherry ripe but 7.5 is ok too.

Again no pics but instead some observations.

Do you have a particularly vicious knife in your kitchen? A knife that you have to be extra extra careful with because it seems especially keen (boom boom) to taste your blood?

Our most dangerous knife is one of our smallest. It is razor sharp and loves to taste human flesh. It has been known to slice through kitchen sponges when it is being washed just so it can make me bleed. I call it Fang or sometimes Sting (since it is very hobbitish although I've never seen it glowing blue but then again I've never seen an orc in the flesh either). Maybe I should call it demonspawn for its bloodthirsty habits or some such.

Well, my socks' circular needles have upped the ante and are now demanding blood and flesh sacrifices. In my hurry to get off the train this morning, I left them peeking out of my bag. I stowed under my desk at work and thought nothing of it.

Then I uncrossed my legs at one point and OW OW OW! Three of the little beastly needles savagely poked my right foot. Evil evil things!

(Alternatively I could equally say that my large and vicious foot savagely attacked some innocent little needles as they sat in my bag....)

This morning I walked into the bathroom with all my clothes for the day, ready to have my shower. I carefully counted my socks as I put my clothes on the stool. (It's dark when I grab my socks and sometimes I've been known to only grab one.)

One sock.

Two socks.

Three socks.

Then I put my towels on the heater to warm them up.

Umm, hang on - *three* socks?

I had another look at the three socks. One of them was suspiciously not sock like. It was white, somewhat larger than a sock and had three holes in it. Hmm, I don't think that white one was a sock at all!

(Lynne's secret for remembering weird things that happen during the day - write them down! If I am at work, I email them to myself)

OK, so it is time for bed now - I just have to pack my knitting projects for the two hour trip (Vogue jacket and the two socks on circs) and make sure my clothes, plus the scarf of the day, hat of the day and the thrummed mitts are laid out and ready to grab so that I don't wake Nathan up too much, pack my brekkie and lunch then I am ready set go for BENDI!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (Kermitish waving of mitts, though mine aren't green and attached to sticks)


PS may not blog tomorrow cos I may be a bit bushwhacked by the excitement of the day.
PPS better take camera too!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures from such an amazing sounds fiber fair!

  2. can't wait to see you're pic's and hopefully stash enhancements!!


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