G'day all!

Anyone got any inspiration they can spare?

I am madly knitting little mitred squares at present for this project, in honour of Kerstin's BiL. I have some less lurid handspun yarn and am knitting 10cm squares to sew up into a 20cm square. I admit I've only made one cos the first one got ripped after it was made - it was too big. But the second one is well under way now.

I reckon I might get back a bit of inspiration on Thursday when I go to a big craft fair. I've been warned that it is more a patchwork and scrapbooking fair but hey, the boss is letting me take a day of annual leave (should be flex but she won't let me work up any flex so I squander my A/L instead) and I am hoping to meet up with LisaG and show her some of my spinning and how it knits up. I'll probably be desperately disappointed but it is worth a shot.

Hokey kokey. Let's get onto tonight's real agenda.

I've been able to hand wind ball of yarn a ball of yarn much faster now I have this:

Woo hoo! (And didn't one of you say you needed one of these? It cost me a whole $29, including postage on ebay! In pounds sterling that is about 10 quid I think and about USD21. Gloat gloat gloat. Way to go me!) I love it. It looks so spindly and silly. I could've bought a nice wooden one for $100 but nah, thistledoo me :-)

I've been madly spinning again recently. Before Bendi I dyed up some of the superwash wool a kind stranger sent me:

and then I spun it up into this TWO PLY!:

I'm amazed how much pink there is in the spinning - I guess that is what you get with dark pink and white mixed. LOL. I tried to get away from my normal colours (pinks, blues, mauves and intense versions of these) and they still come back to haunt me!

I also dyed some in a lovely emerald green with a bit of teal (food dyes - green and blue):

and it is now spun as well.

Plus I spun some of the natural creamy white tops up. I want to make funky socks like Lynne Vogel makes (gee she has a nice name! She can even spell it properly!). I have the book, I have the inspiration (hey where'd that come from?) and I have the technology so let's get a move on!

Margaret Peel's Fibre supply is closing down. Dang. I buy Tracy's stuff through the handspinner's guild, but no longer. Here is some of hers that I spun up:

Note that this too has been spun as a two ply. The colour runs in it were too small for navajo plying. Plus the plant the skein is resting on is a Thryptomene FC Payne. This is THE best thryptomene I've ever owned. It is tough as old boots - no summer watering and it flowers from Markc or April through to October or November. It might flower longer if I watered it.

I'm unlikely to blog tomorrow night cos it is the monthly big SnB meeting - see you at Fresky's around 7pm!



  1. I have to say, I do love your handspuns. They're all so gorgeous!

  2. Every time I read your posts, I overdose on all the beautiful colors!! Always bright and pretty!

  3. Wow gorgeous handspuns!

    I was literally on my way to find a skein-holder on t'internet but I thought, no , I'll stop in on Yarnivorous first, and you have one! Spooky concicidence :-D I do really need one for the Colinette yarn, you should have seen the tangle we were trying to wind on Sunday. It took up valuable knitting time!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love those colors.


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