At last, the thrummed mittens

G'day all!

I though I should put up a pic of the thrummed mittens. You would not believe how much difficulty I am having typing the word "thrummed." Thummed. Thumbed. Thrummbed. Where did the B come from? What is it with the b? Maybe I should be knitting bee booties for babies or something (did you see the yarnharlot's bee and ladybird baby shoes?). I have a surplus of Bs in my thrums.

So without further ado, I give you the thrummed mittens:

Note that you can't see the thumb (not thrumb or thrum or thum) on one of the mittens. That is because I stuffed up the staggering of the thrumbs, argh there's that B again!, thrums on the thumb. I used three different lots of handspun yarn to make the things and I vaguely followed Steph's pattern for the thrum-along but as always halfway through decided to make it up as I went along. I still ended up with thrummed mitts, even if the tip of one has a bit of a different colourway than the other (known as Mr Green and Mr Turquoise aren't the same colours but the rest are) and the thumbs well the thumbs are just taken from a totally different colourway that had two shared colours with the original colourway. The colours aren't quite right but that happens when the camera refuses to see green as green and interprets it as a sort of aqua colour.

So they are real. They do exist! They have been much derided until people slip on on and then.... ah bliss! LOL

Tomorrow, or the day after, or sometime soon, the results of a dyepot experiment! Yes, I have finally dyed up some of the superwash fleece sent to me MONTHS ago. It's a ripper :-)



  1. Beautiful!!! I love those colors!

  2. Beautiful thrummed mittens. I didn't think it got cold enough where you are to need them. I finished Harry Potter as well...though I have don't have any hard theories about the next one.

  3. Those are beauties. Any Newfoundlander would be proud. I know just what you mean about people thinking they are all silly till they get them on. I warn people that they might not want to say too many things about them 'till they have tried them. You wouldn't want to piss off the knitter before you know what you are missing.


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