A dinner conversation and more Bendi, more....

G'day all!

When I got home this evening, I could smell dinner cooking - Nathan has been whipping up some great stewy curries recently. I left things to simmer for another hour or so, then starting doing final prep for dinner (ie adding some form of vegies).

I added some frozen blocks of spinach, and peas and corn.

I reported "I added spinach plus peas and corn."

"It's already got peas and corn"

"Oh, I couldn't tell them from the chickpeas."

"It doesn't have chickpeas in it..."

Hmm, I'd be guessing that those funny curry coloured blobby spheres are peas then... LOL

Well it amused me but then I've been training half the day. I tend to get a bit tired after that cos I am naturally introverted, but with my training hat on I push myself out there into the audience and after 2.5 hours of that, I often run out of "foof."

I can't believe how much stash I have enhanced my stash by. I kid you not I have impressed myself by seeing that I have another two night's worth of pictures. Can you stand it?

200g of white pencil roving to dye up and spin. Never had pencil rovings before. Must find the card of the bloke who created them. He does superwash wool and nylon pencil rovings too (I think these are just superwash). He's up in Albury, which is conveniently just over the Murray River from my sister's place in Wodonga, only Wodonga is nearly 200 miles away (305km).

Mohair from Robyn's (or is that Robin's?) Mohair Farm in South Gippsland. I love these bright rich colours - you could never tell? 50g of each. I also got some undyed mohair (100g) but let's face it, showing pics of white fuzzy stuff that is out of focus is not good blog fodder...

Swap over sock yarn from Sockmonster - I swapped the Daffodil for Child's Play. Yeah, though maybe a different sort of colourway would be good. Nyeh. Thistledoo. I was very glad indeed that the Daffodil colourway sold within 2 hours - I didn't feel bad at all about swapping, though Lisa was not fussed anyway.

Note Cheshire in the background. She is being very bad to Nutmeg at present. Any ideas about how to redress the balance of power before Cheshire really hurts Nut? Nut is very stressed about it all. She is very unhappy and is shedding. All we can do at present is keep them separated but that just seems to make Cheshire more aggressive. I am starting to get the idea of why she was in an animal shelter in the first place.

This little sample of silky wool tells you a little about itself - it is fleece that has been stretched to make it very soft and lower the micron count. The lady who supplied this bit lives near my brother. Gosh what a shame - I might have to visit D sometime soon! But first I need to find out if it is any good to spin and dye. She has it in natural colours too I think.

Some "laps" from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. As far as I can tell these are the offcuts from the yarn spinning, so the tops can be quite large. I've gone through the bag and about 2/3 of what I have is spinnable, the rest is probably spinnable but since it is cut at each end and is about 5" long, it might provide some problems. For the price, though, I don't care....

Of course I could use my favourite purchase to help pull out the cut ends and leave the spinnable stuff neatly made into tops....

In good knitty news, I finally have finished the front left side of the Vogue jacket and have made a bold and dashing start on the right front. Hooray for me! I may even get pics of it and the fabled (and fabulous!) thrummed mittens on the weekend!



  1. I have to tell ya, you're making it so hard for me to wait until the next fiber festival here!

  2. oooh spinning. i have been looking at spinning wool on ebay and a friend has the wheel so she's going to teach me. i'm all excited!! where is a good place for buying it? love those colours!

  3. It all sounds lovely but I can't see the pics?! I'll pop back later to check them out.


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