In breaking news,

if you remember this young chap....

(Apparently he's even more eye-candyish now... could that even be possible?)

Well in Paris over the weekend in open competition (aka the Paris Open),
Men's 200 breast finals:
1 CALDER Craig Australie 2:13.28 -
30.52 (30.52) 1:04.02 (33.50) 1:38.33 (34.31) 2:13.28 (34.95)
2 DUBOSCQ Hugues France 2:13.52 +0.24
30.14 (30.14) 1:03.90 (33.76) 1:38.18 (34.28) 2:13.52 (35.34)
3 VERSFELD Neil Afrique du Sud 2:13.54 +0.01
30.24 (30.24) 1:04.62 (34.38) 1:39.02 (34.40) 2:13.54 (34.52)
(from www.swimmingworldmagazine.com)

Woot! My own flesh and blood won an open comp at world level! It's not a world record and not even a PB but it is a gold medal! Someone related to me! What a chap :-)

(I'll be back with a report on Black Sheep Gathering - don't expect a lot of pics from the gathering itself though cos I developed camnesia, LOL)


  1. Ooh fantastic news, well done Craig!

  2. Oh my! He's a tasty one! I don't suppose he lives in the US or has a single brother who does? ;)


  3. How could we forgot him - he's cute! Well done, Craig!

    Word pixie is very funny tonight;
    catter (!)


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