Seeing spots

G'day all!

I'm sitting here, feeling sore, editing pics when I start wondering if I am going to do something like faint. Not that I ever have (though once was close!). I was seeing black spots before my eyes.

Nope, not fainting. There are black spots before my eyes. They are known as flies. There's a bunch of flies that hang around under the shade of the birch trees. Sometimes they move along and hang around under the ornamental pears. Sometimes they come inside here cos I leave the door open cos it gets warm inside. Our place is not a meat safe. It also does not have anything to attract flies apart from shade.

I've been beavering away at the Neatby Faroese shawl for my LYS. My progress up to today has been steady. I've now completed 40% of it and it is too wide to be stretched out on the 1.2m long needles.


My knitting progress today is slow. My progress on anything is very slow. I did something odd to my shoulder or ribs last night and boy am I still paying for it! Ouchies! If I breathe in quickly, yikes! If I stretch down (as in putting on socks or undies, OUCH!). If I move the other shoulder the wrong way, eek! But it isn't my back, just the lower shoulder blade area. I have fantastic black rings under my eyes too. Blasted pale skin. Betrays me every time.


But the shawl is still pretty and the cashmere is to die for.

Did I say that I am going to Black Sheep Gathering? I have everything booked and am still trying to figure out how to drag the spinning wheel up there. I think I will go buy a wheeled duffel bag that is a bit shorter than usual and stick the wheel in that. Then it can go in the overhead luggage rack and also be mobile. I have to practise for the Sock Summit y'see. But first I need this rib fixed. Stupid blasted body. When asked what they would change about their body, most women say "bigger boobs" "smaller boobs" "lose weight" "face job" etc etc. That sort of thing doesn't fuss me. I am what ah yam. I often wonder if I'd prefer to have no coeliac/dairy intolerance or have a less bendy/stretchy/uncooperative body. Is eating anything I want more important to me or being pain free?

Now I wait until 5pm. Hooray for back cracking! Boo hiss to stupid ribs!



  1. ohno I hope your ribs feel better! Lovely lace! :o)

  2. Ouchies :( Hope your rib gets better soon. Looking forward to hearing about your travels with your wheel. The shawl looks stunning!

  3. You andThe shawl is very pretty!! I hope you are feeling cracked and better soon. You may even have been on your trip by now I a so behind!!!


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