Wotisit Monday 6

G'day all!

Gosh we had a couple of correct guesses in last week's wotisit! Hooray! Well done chaps :-)

Last week was algae, growing in Callistoga's Old Faithful geyser's pond. In this shot you can see a whole lotta little fish if you click through to Flicker and choose a bigger version:

The water in the pond was nicely tepid, at least at the edges. I figured it could not be too hot (despite the boiling hot geyser erupting in the centre) cos the fish and the algae would be cooked, not doing their thang.

Here's the geyser:

We hope to see the "real" Old Faithful soon - DH has a week off and we are driving to Montana, and Montana is home to Yellowstone!

For this week's wotisit, we have:

Email your guess to natiel three one one at gmaildotcom. If you can tell me exactly what it is, not what it is generically, then you get five points not just one!

I have lots of things to yap about. I seem to be working on a gazillion things at present and I've just added one more thing to the list.


Yep, a reclaimed cashmere shawl for my LYS.

I am actually feeling a little worried about my ability to knit this shawl. The Ravelry reviews are generally positive for the way Lucy has written the pattern but it looks complicated and has a number of charts (and a lot of written out pages too!). I intend to start tomorrow and see how we go!



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