Wotisit Monday 5

G'day all!

Last time I posted a wotisit, I only got one guess!

The critter shown is:


a ladybug larva! Yep, it is what ladybirds look like before they metamorphose and become ladybugs. They are voracious aphid eaters, and given some of my plants had LOTS of aphids, I was very happy to encourage them even if the larva is not a native species (it's Chinese).

Oh gosh, I hope the next wotisit is easier!

We saw this on our trip into California's wine country. It has nothing whatsoever to do with wine, indeed if this was in your wine you would be significantly unhappy. But it does like water.



Send your guesses to me at natiel3oneone at gmaildotcom. I'm still doing the prize draws every two or three weeks (even if Minnie's prize is still being made cos it is special! And I am silly and easily distracted by pretty shiny things).

I thought I would show off my Personal Sock Club drawing today but when I pulled the yarn and the pattern, the yarn said "I want to be a little peacock shawl, not socks." The colour of the yarn is fantastic for a peacock - those lovely intense turquoises, blues, greens with a hint of dull bronzy emerald. I've got 500 yards of it, which is small for a shawl but not teensy. So now instead I shall knit up a new sock in Crystal Palace Merino 5 I think it is that I picked up in the specials bin at Bobbin's Nest (my bad, haven't put it in my stash and I'm already knitting it!) and test out a variant on an earlier pattern that I still haven't written up - story of my life, the things I don't write up cos I am not sure they are good enough!

Still haven't found my favourite project bag with the super dooper new thing I was making. Sniffle. Boo hoo! Haven't even picked up my parcel that arrived the other day when I was out. I forgot yesterday and today they most inconveniently chose to shut just when I went to pick my box up. Grump! Must've known I was coming!

Normally I would be cooking dinner at 7pm on a Monday but DH is still at work and there is no point starting it if he is not on his way home. Curried tofu with shiitake/black mushrooms, more vegies than you can poke a stick at and hmm, basmati rice I think tonight. Yum! Mr Buttocks makes really good curry pastes.



  1. Thank you! You've confirmed that we've got ladybirds in our garden. We bought some on the web and didn't know if they had survived or anything.


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