Whilst I remember it

G'day all!

I saw a SNAKE today!

It was sooo cute! It was only a youngster. It had blotches on its sides and was sorta stripy and various shades of beige and brown. I think it was a juvenile gopher snake or maybe a racer. It was hardly any thicker through than my little finger and was probably about 50cm long all up.

I wish I had had the camera with me to get a shot so I could get it identified. It may not even be a native, it may be someone's pet that they set free.

I won't say where I saw it cos that could cause problems for it, maybe for the place I saw it too. Let's just say I was rather surprised.

Back soonish with more yap.



  1. That's pretty neat! Perhaps you'll see it again.

  2. Yesterday a man in Melbourne put his hand in a 'dumpster' (I am sure this is not a word we use here) and was bitten by a Brow Snake. Think he's OK. GLad you are!!


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