Fo and a new photographic low

G'day all!

I know that you all visit my blog to see my most excellent photography. Crap lighting, crap subjects and today I can show you a NEW LOW! Yes, I have to yell it.

(Oh and wotisit it taking a little break simply cos I forgot to get a macro or even odd shot of soething well known.)

So over the last weekend, we've done a lot of tromping in and out of the house. This means that at the door there is a bit of a build up of Floor Bits. I usually take my pics by the door cos it is the best lighting I can get apart from sitting on the concrete where a cat threw up a hairball, which promptly stuck to the concrete and now I can't remove the danged thing. (I've tried water and scrubbing with a broom, scraping with a trowel...) Now I could have vacuumed the carpet by the door to make it Noice but that means emptying the Dyson. And after riding about 25km yesterday with the bike trailer and for three or so of those kays pulling two heavy bags in the trailer (and they were heavy! Nathan's intern has arrived for summer and I think he packed some lead weights), that was Too Much Effort.

Instead I grabbed an empty Salvo's bag that I have to refill and throw back at them. It's sorta white. It's sorta flat, well not very. (What I hear you say a white sheet? But they are on the bed and need a wash! The other sheets are anything but white. I only bought these cos they were organic and on deep discount.) It makes a qwality shot I tells ya!

Enjoy the socks!


They are knitted out of Merino 5 on a 54 stitch or so variant of my usual toe up sock pattern with a variant of the mini mochi sock pattern. Details, such as they are, on Ravelry.


Do you like how the pattern spacing changes as I made the gap between the decreases and the increases larger?





(We watched a Star trek ep a couple of nights ago. My goodness nearly 30 years after my first crush on him, Spock is still a bit of alright!)

After doing the luggage run, we dropped by HD, also known as Bunnings House cos we are Aussies, oh and it is Home Deppo not Home Deepo to us. I brought home some stuff for Nathan's speaker project on the trailer (plus an extra bit of wood to replace a shelf on the horrid cheap bookshelf - I had too many knitting books on it (is there such a thing?) and the particle board shelf gave way). The cardboard tubes will become speaker "boxes." We'll be able to pain them all sorts of colours, stick photos on them, whatever.

Do you like the spiffy blue wheels? Nathan hooked them off and cleaned them up and spray painted them.

For all my efforts, I rewarded myself with a $2.49 African Violet. I am such a sucker for these plants. I should go to the meeting in Sunnyvale, get some quality plants with names on them rather than shop plants, which tend to be rather sad and often diseased.

And today? I thought I would be b*ggered. But I am not. I rode to WF and back without even noticing. Even my poor sore butt was like eh, whatever. Just get us a new saddle soon, OK?


PS I've been abandoned. DH is out with all the interns and visitors. Have to cook dinner and eat it by myself. Sniffle.


  1. Me too on the PS thing, hey more time to do crafts!

  2. I love the African violet - very pink :)

    You've been so busy - your socks look great.

  3. Love the socks, and that's a pretty African Violet even if nameless! I'm collecting moth orchids in a small way at the moment :-D And an airplant.

    Those big tubes look great, Basil would like them :-D

  4. I'm totally hot for the Spock in the new movie. Lol.

  5. I'm actually busy all week this week, but I thought of something to do. There's a Japanese garden around here somewhere in Los Gatos/Monte Sereno.

  6. The socks are very pretty and I do like the colours. I too have photographing place dilemmas!! There are always Labrador things: hairs or bits of stick, everywhere!! Pretty flower. I always kill flowers inside. And out.


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