OMG I forgot!

G'day all!

Thus begins my 732nd day of captivity in the USA.

Yes, that is right. Two years and a day ago, we landed in LAX and flew across to Denver to be driven up to Fort Collins. Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of moving to the US.



I meant to do a big post but ahem, well I forgot!

So, how has it been living in the US?

Well, we've learned a lot about how different places do things differently. I think we've become more resolutely Australian. We are still learning cultural stuff. I think we can say we've got a network of friends, even a couple that we can rely on! We've been amazed at how such a rich country can't keeps its roads mended (we've driven on some totally shocking roads - interstate highways no less! - and know why Americans have to buy new cars regularly - the old ones get shaken to bits). We've been amazed at the sheer quantity of resources here, how blessed America is with natural resources, and how (quite frankly) they are squandered because they are so plentiful. This country is totally amazing.

But I still miss my Home. I miss Fort Collins too. Wonder if I'll miss California when we leave here? 8-)

(There used to be a contest here but I took it away cos I am feeling huffy. And overextended. I realised that I have wotisit running along with the pay it forward thing (NOBODY wants anything made by me) and then a competition that noone has entered after three days. Y'know this is not the best way to feel appreciated. I am not sure why only maybe one or two of the supposed 100 people a day who read this blog bother commenting (and those who do comment are people I know or have come to know online over the years). I can only assume it is because my stuff is crap and not worth it and because I don't reply to every comment due to the blogger not capturing email address problems. I should just get over myself.)


Now just to make sure you get your daily fibre content, here's a pic of some Crown Mountain Farm's Peggy Sue merino top.

Can you see why I am peeved about not being able to spin? The chiro is concerned about not being able to unlock my heel bone and I am very tender on the fibula. I am thinking I'll have to go to the dr to get xrays done but I reallllllly loathe going to the doctor. It costs a bomb, they treat me like I am an idiot or a lump of meat, they blackmail me into getting tests done before they will write scripts, and there are so few of them around here - there are at least three chiros within half a mile of here but not one doctor. It is hard to shop for a good new doctor when they are so far apart. Any locals got a recommendation for a doctor? (oh and then they have to be part of the Aetna network too.) I have a car, I can drive it to the doctor.



  1. Oh dear - I've just entered!!

  2. I'm late with my blog reading and commenting...sorry about that. I don't think your stuff is crap, I'm just Really Busy!

  3. I missed my home after a week away in Hospital, you show great courage in being away so long and not going mad!! I agree about becoming more Australian when you are away. Distance concentrates your Australian-ness. I reckon you have been there at a good time though, seeing all the changes politically?
    I didn't enter because I would feel bad if I won!! How silly is that?? I am sorry about the huffiness though of course you will be well and truly over it now!! I thought it would be selfish to enter every time. She how screwed up our minds are???!!!


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