I'm having a pout now. DH was going to drinks at 5pm.

At 8:30 he still isn't home. He has probably had dinner after I've cooked an enormous tofu curry.

He was out last night too.

I am going out tomorrow night cos I am sick of being ignored. The fortnightly knitty get together beckons! I can go and TALK TO PEOPLE! My god. Imagine that! Real people! I talked to my chiro almost not stop today (apart from breath in, hold, all the way out...) for 45 minutes.

In two nights I will be on the Amtrak on my way to Black Sheep.

Wonder if DH will miss me at all?


  1. Of course he'll miss you! Eventually he'll want dinner... ;o)

  2. Yep, JessaLu said what I was going to say ;-) Wouldn't worry about looking after him in future if he's taking you for granted!

  3. Hug x If I liked tofu, I would have offered to come over and share your curry with you but it might have gotten a bit cold...

  4. I sometimes don;t talk to real people all day, and then only maybe on the phone so when I get to talk to a 'real' person in person I tend to talk very fast and for a long time!!


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