New stash, oopsie!

G'day all!

I've been very naughty recently. Yarn has been *flinging* itself at me!

There was the Sonata prints from Elann I showed yesterday. How could I resist 10 balls of mercerized cotton for under $15?

Bobbin's Nest chimed in with three skeins, one of which is gone forever unless a miracle occurs, but the other two look like this skein of Merino 5:

(This is such a cushy yarn! It is heavier weight, a sport weight or 5 ply in Oz nomenclature, and it knits up so well on a 3mm needle as sock stuff. Well so far - I haven't actually finished and worn said sock to see if it wears ok. It is merino so I can't expect it to wear like iron. And it is a little less mauvey/bluey and a bit more pink.)

Then this yarn from GPY apparently is The Latest Thing.

Schoppel Wolle.

It was lurid and it called me and I was helpless against its siren song.


(Possibly for socks for DH - he is appreciating his socks more now. Just as well too! I also have some duller yarn for socks for him. However my own sock yarn stash far exceeds the sock yarn for him. ;-D)

Then there is the fibre, but that is for another day! I must get to bed early tonight for tomorrow DH has a 9am meeting and he Does Not Do Mornings. Our only hope is to get to bed early and see if we can wake up early too!



  1. just to let you know Full Thread Ahead is having a MONDO sale because they are closing down their store. EVERYTHING is 30% off, and they still have some wonderful yarn up. They are switching to online only. I ended up scoring many hanks for a reaaaaaaalllly good price for the good quality I bought.

  2. I have been looking for the rainbow coloured Schoppen Woll. Isn't it amazing?

  3. I laughed when I read of the yarn's siren song!!!


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