Wotisit 7 Tuesday edition

G'day all!

Last time's wotisit was pretty tricksy!


It looks like flames but is actually a cultivar of an Australian native, a strawflower (Xerochrysum bracteatum). They are readily available in Australia and at least Colorado, Oregon and California in the States. They are daisies and have flowers that are stiff and dry readily, hence the name common name strawflower.

This week's wotisit is:


What? There's a hint here, if you need a little guessing help!

Pop me an email with your guess by next Monday - natiel311 at gmaildotcom.

I am editing pics like mad at the moment. Expect a thousand fairly pointless blog posts. I am bored witless - I can't go out much cos of this stupid ankle, I can't ride my bike either, the chiro is a bit concerned about not being able to unlock my heel.... ice, rest and boredom! Even if a local said they would visit, I wouldn't let them in the place cos between my projects and Nathan's, there is nowhere tidy, getting to the spare seats is an issue and I can't even do the vacuuming! And two weeks ago, it was all under control. %sigh%.



  1. This one is too easy. Bags o' Fleece of course. I'm so sorry to read about your ankle. I hope it starts healing up soon!

    I'm heading to CA by car for a week or so visit Friday so if you're still unable to bike around and stuff, I'll pop down and at least get you out of the apartment for a bit. 'Kay?


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