Good news and BSG stash

G'day all!

Good news!

I only have a severe sprain, not a broken ankle! Yay me! There might be a teensy chip off the bottom of the fibula but it only shows on one angle out of three and might just be me. So now I have a stiffer ankle brace and have been told I can do stuff within my tolerance and do these exercises and start these in a week or so and then come back for some physio. And I like the dr I saw and the staff are not rude so I think we have a new dr. He is a DO (Dr of Osteopathy) but does family practice too.

I am glad to say that unlike this poor egg, it seems that my ankle has not taken one for the team. (Egg broken when I dropped the handle of my two wheeled cart - I had visions of the whole carton being smashed. You cannot believe how handy I think it is to have a pic of one smashed egg in an otherwise ok carton. Thanks, I am odd. Runs in the family.)

On to the stuff you want to see! New stash! Alas the pics are in dappled sun because that is what I get here during most of the day.

This year was the 35th anniversary of the Black Sheep Gathering.
They didn't print any nice coloured tops this year except for purple windcheaters and well I live in the Bay area.... So I bought a bag instead. A newly washed bag that is now holding the curtain-in-progress. Do you like the wrinkles? Who irons bags?

A tank top (we call them singlets, like the English do I believe). It is duller in real life.

Some bits and pieces from the Bellwether (Amelia is lovely. I wish I could hang out with her!) -

wool, silk, angora cos it sounds so luscious! And I don't seem to be allergic to bunnies. Mebbe it is because my brother had them when I was a kid. Bibbitybobbityboo lived inside a lot and had a toilet behind the stereo. (Brother has rabbits now. Apparently he despises cats. The rest of us have cats.)

Four different puffs of blends of yumminess. The colours aren't good due to the dappled shade on our patio. They will actually blend into each other quite well, going from a pale mauvey-white through to purple to almost charcoal.

A needle felting kit. I think I brought my needles with me, I know I've bought some here but this is a kit with everything in one spot, so I bought it. $20 seemed like a good price. Maybe the wool fumes got to me. LOL

Next we have some...
REALLY lurid merino top and worsted weight yarn from Lavender Sheep. For some reason I had to have these, even though I am not a yellow and orange person.

A little hank of variegated yellow silk to ply my Tactile weld-dyed top against. I might put beads on the silk too after watching Morgaine from umm Carolina Homespun demonstrate spinning with beads (have a pic of the resulting yarn to dig out of the weekend's pics). oooh la la!

Some natural coloured cottons from Tactile. Lots of twist I am told! I particularly like the green one. Which top rubbed itself all over the inside of the BSG bag *and* Nathan's new black tshirt? %sigh%

A pot of olivey green dye from my favourite dye company. Alas their office/warehouse/factory burned down in the Black Saturday fires back 'ome and they have not been able to get production going again so far (it's four months now). I hope that I have some of their bright yellow (Wattle) cos it is out of stock everywhere and I use CMYK dyeing not RBY dyeing. The other yellows are just not as clear and bright.

I also contributed to the local economy. Two tshirts for Nathan
(the print doesn't really have DASS across it but I wanted to make sure noone ripped it off)

Holy guacamole! Look at this for a tie-dyed shirt!

Nathan thinks it is great, so do I. It was dyed by a chap, Owen van Hooser, who runs Dyeing to Live (reminds me of my yahoo dyeing group - dyehappy). He calls it a solar flare. I got it and my one at the Saturday Market that I had been encouraged to go to. It is a fantastic craft market but they also have food, organic vegies and fruits, plants (even native ones) and all sorts of goodies.

I also got me a green robot cat tshirt
(Surely you don't want me to iron my tshirts?)

Plus I needed something other than cable tv to occupy my evenings. I had hobbled past a secondhand bookshop in my travels, so I popped in there and bought me a new book (cos I couldn't chuse an old one cos there were too many to process). "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains." It is very bizarre! And amusing.

I found a great quilt shop, Piece by Piece Fabrics. They have a fantastic range of contemporary fabrics. These followed me home:

And then they said there is a yarn shop back up the way (the way I had come from on 13th street). Tarnation! So I had to turn around and go back to find Soft Horizons Fiber (yelp link), where I bought this happily lurid Schoppel Wolle single ply sock yarn (rather like Mini Mochi only not as soft)

Hmm, that is it except for the fleece and a giftie that I am not showing off! The fleece is for a separate post because I might have a little spindle spun yarn by the end of the day. Someone suggested using a spindle to spin with since sprained ankles and spinning wheels don't agree. What an idea! I have a CD spindle and one turned spindle (which just so happened to be by my seat along with the dog rake that I flick fleece with) so I started spindling! My shoulders are rubbish so standing up is much easier for me spindling. It is better than not spinning at all when all this calls to me!

After this enormous post, I have to link to this gallery advertising Sascha Baron Cohen's new movie, Bruno. Be warned, it is not for work and not for the faint of heart but it does involve knitting! Also be on the look out for pics from the new Alice in Wonderland movie. It is another Tim Burton movie and looks *fantastic* (whether or not it really is, the design is amazing). And Danny Elfman is doing the music.



  1. Well,I got all excited about the new quilt shop, and THEN realized you are in Eugene...bummer!

  2. Wow youve had a beaut time!!!!I do however realllly envy that last ball the Wolle one,I couldnt rememeber the company name,LOL I searched the net for this wool,only the boring colours I could find,does yours have the rainbow colours?

  3. What a super time you've had. Love the stash enhancement :)

  4. lovely enhancements! Glad to hear you didn't smash your ankle!

  5. Nice T-shirts. I quite like ironing!!! Oh I have just heard we have a Tsunami warning for Tasmania!! Lovely sock wool and that fabric is so cute!! I boguth that book for a friend and I wish she would hurry up and read it!!


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