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G'day all!

Am in an odd mood today. Lots of musings.

Like realising that I replace human company with Stuff. I have lots of Stuff. I buy Stuff in place of having friends. I am not good at the friend thing it seems. Moving country and not having a job doens't help. I don't need so much stash or either yarn or fabric, not stuff that I don't have plans for. I have much more need to have contact with people than I have for Even More Stuff. I lurk around my email and Ravelry like a love-struck teenager waiting for a phone call, hoping someone will want to talk to me.

Yesterday I bought more Stuff (yes I know I know - what did I just say?). It is Great Stuff. Really good quality yarn at the op shop. Don't be surprised if you end up getting some of it if you are on my PIF list. Yes, I am cheap but I am supposed to be saving for our big trip in less than three months! I would show what I got but umm well someone gave someone else the camera and someone else left it at work, and the old camera has died a sad little death after well over 20,000 pics (I feel a little sad cos I liked the old camera and I knew how to drive it. The new one has sooooo many options that 9 months later I am still discovering new functions).

Yesterday we also had a discussion about friends. Do kids have more friends than adults do? I have to say that I was lucky to have one or two friends at school, and in high school I was part of a group of five girls from about year 10 to 12. We were the ones who were more interested in getting our school work done rather than hanging out with the boys (though as it turned out, one had been going out with men in their 30s when she was 16). It was only at uni that I developed a whole bunch of friends, many of whom I am still in touch with. I like that. There's a whole heap of people that I have known for over 20 years now. I don't know anyone from high school (but given how many people were decent to me there, that is no great loss!). Then moving to another country! Thank heavens for knitting cos if I didn't have that, I would know noone here.

Enough whinging. There is plenty to be thankful for, like a tolerant husband with a good job, an ankle that with a brace will let me walk for 2 or 3km and even cycle! etc, etc, etc.

Hmm, I had one more thing to show off from BSG, didn't I?


A lovely Corriedale cross fleece.

You can tell from the crimp size that it is not a fine fine wool - it is a good solid corrie which means not as fine as a merino but not exactly carpet wool either. It is amazingly clean, obviously a coated fleece but well coated, hardly any vm, a joy to process and spin! It is only half the 8lb fleece - a lady called Cynthia has the other half and the label (I could've taken a pic of the label if I had thought of it! DUH!) but I do not have her contact details. I gave her one of my mini Moo cards (I have gone into raptures about my mini Moo cards haven't I?). A person on Ravelry says the fleece is probably a Hub fleece but I have not found a website for them.

I've spun a little of this fleece up on a spindle and cabled the yarn (plied it against the plied yarn). It still is only barely a DK/8 ply weight yarn. I seem to have a mania about spinning thin yarn these days. It is a bit of a drag cos it means it takes a month to spin up 100g or so of yarn and ply it. I have so much fleece that I want to spin and at my current rate, will take about 50 years to spin it up, at which point we'll all be extinct or dead or not wanting nice woollies anyway!

I'm going away for a few days. I don't really feel like it - I have to clean up so much Stuff here before we leave - but I will enjoy the trip once we are on the road and out of the Bay area. Have a good week! We'll be back on the 4th I think.



  1. Oi missus, you've had two whole emails from me recently! Well hopefully you did cos I never trust emails to arrive in a timely manner. At least you have all those RL friends though, me, I ain't got none really, everyone I know, I know from online! I am totally Billy No Mates so there :-D

    Love your acquisitions from BSG. Will try to photo my Woolfest stuff tomorrow, we ended up going to both days.

  2. You are on my to visit list! Wherever you are :) I'm so glad I got to know you.

  3. I totally understand the replacing people with stuff thing - I noticed myself doing it a while back, after a similar(if smaller) life-change.

  4. I agree about the friends, I had fewer friends when I was younger but have more now I am old!!
    That's a lot of pictures!! More than I have taken of Labradors and that's saying something!!
    Glad your ankle is going along OK!!


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