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G'day all!

Been a very busy bee recently. DH has sent me off looking for lots of stuff. I hop on the bus and go looking. I could drive the car but where is the fun in that? I can't knit and drive. He bought some speaker drivers recently and wants to make a set of speaker "boxes" like these. (Yes, seriously. Those are sewer pipes and fittings but not used we hope! LOL) So I've been out and about, looking for tubing and pipes and anything cylindrical that won't wobble too much (pipe flue is out). Then today I took him up to the local Michael's cos they had some stuff on special that is what he's been looking for. He is very pleased with what we got there. Then I hopped on my bike and went to the nursery to return two glazed pots and came home with this lot:

(Including basil, corn, two strawberries to replace the ones I cooked on the hot weekend - oops! - a monarda (bee balm cos I love them) and a thyme or something) The girl who served me (not severed me as I first typed) was most amused by me getting all this on the back of the bike. It would be easier if I cleaned out the bike trailer and repainted its rusting wheels but that means taking on a whole lot of boogelly spiders, including ones that look like redbacks, and I am feeling wussy.

Plus I've been sewing sewing sewing. Gadzooks I've been sewing! I took these piles of strips

and turned them into things like this:

I finished the sewing the strips together for this quiltalong this morning. I've started on the ironing. I am vaguely amused by the fact that not one of the strips is the same width along its length. 'Twil be interesting turning these into squares! Dr Accurate Sewing I am not!

I was fascinated by this:
What was it called when we painted paper with poster paint, scribbled all over it with wax crayons and then scraped the crayon off? Shadow drawing or something? Gosh I loved it - loved colour even back then. Seeing the other strip through the black and whiteish one reminded me of it.

Last week I picked up a couple more merino bamboo fluffy things in Dogwood from Tactile at the Maker Faire. For some reason I love this colourway.

And then this month's fibre club arrived from them too (on the same day except someone didn't pick it up for days and days for various reasons).

Love it.

Finally, I made up some sparkly stitchmarkers this week. They have gone to a new home. They were b*ggers to photograph - they needed just the right light and angle and even then the shininess was annoying - I wanted the sparkle!

PS - feeling a bit lonely. I'm chatting away to noone mostly!
PPS - a hint for the wotisit. It lives in water. It is not camo material but if you fell in you might come out covered in it and look like you've got camo on.
PPS - working on a new sock variant of the mini mochi sock. Hope to release a pattern soon!


  1. I'm fascinated by the quilting ... so you sew up long strips of fabric then cut them cross-ways into strips of squares? It all seems to need a lot of attention in the straight-line sewing and cutting department!

    Love the colours in the fibre!

    The spiders in the trailer sound a bit scary - DH was a bit discombobulated by 3 large field spiders in our garage last week. They got a bit cross cos he was tidying up and hoovered some webs up!

  2. I love that Dogwood colour too - I bought some merino in that colour from Stitches but am waiting until I'm better at spinning. Fleece Artist has another lovely green/pink colour combo....just saying!

  3. I'd chat to you. I think I ought to visit one day :)

  4. Still do art like that at school!! You colour in a whole page with wax crayons and then paint over it with black paint and acrtch it off when it's dry. Fire works look spectacular. You can also do a dye resist with a crayon picture, not over the whole page, and then a wash of edical dye!! Happy sewing!!


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