There can be only one

G'day all!

A real quickie in between playing with fleece and getting pics of the weekend's purchases together.

Three people commented on my pass it on or pay it forward post. Two are already on my list to get stuff, plus a third who didn't comment. The third (Leonie) has a blog, so she is good to go! I said I would do this for five but I only have four people.

Is there noone else in the world who would like something made by me or a RAOK in the next six months?

You must have a current and active blog so I can figure out what sort of things you like. I don't want to send you a hand-sewn bag with a brown lizard print if you hate brown and are terrified of lizards.

Hopefully I am off to the chiro AGAIN today. I swear that our insurance is funding her child's college education (the kid is only three months old mind). Gotta get this ankle sorted. She does a much better job than any doctor I've been to - they say RICE and take anti-inflammatories and sometimes send me to a physio (they help some) but the chiro actually puts everything back the way it should be! After a weekend of watching people spinning - there were wheels and spindles EVERYWHERE - I am itching (mebbe that should be hopping) to get back to some spinning but with a crook ankle, I can't. Tomorrow I have to go into town and show an insurance agent where I fell off the ramp at the light rail station. Fun fun fun!



  1. Hope your chiro visit went well!

  2. The Labradors and I have paid for almost the whole new Animal Hospital over the last 20 years!!!! Hope your Insurance Pointing Out went well and your ankle is feeling better!!


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