I care not for this week

Bring me another week!

This has not been a good week so far. It started off quite well, with me finding I can survive riding 25km dragging the bike trailer in various states of loading and not suffering badly the next day (unless you count the never ending EATING that followed for the next day and a half!).

Then on Tuesday I rolled over in my sleep and managed to rotate my ribs on one side whilst the other side stayed put. I don't know how that is possible but two or three ribs were not sitting where they should be = can't breathe, shoulder whackiness and lower back spasms! Yay me! (Much better after seeing the chiro)

Tuesday I had planned to go into town with Nathan and take pics of the jacarandas that I saw on Sunday. I got as far as the chiro (half a mile) and back.

Today (Wednesday) I went into town with DH so I could take photos of the jacarandas.


Aren't they lovely?


I'll let you admire them.



Some even had knitted tree-warmers on them! (more pics on flickr)


These photos have come at a great price.

I rolled my ankle really badly after getting off the light rail. I didn't notice that I was on the edge of a ramp and stepped sideways to let a man with a laundry/shopping cart go by.

OMG (that needs another letter in there but I don't say that word ;-) Usually I roll my ankle and keep on walking.

Not this time! I had to hobble back up the ramp and sit down and whimper to myself for a couple of minutes as I rubbed it and it wailed at me. I think I clonked the end of my ?fibula (outside/lateral ankle bone or is it only tibia there?) on the ground. It hurt a bit (ok more than a bit). I wanted to wail back. I'm supposed to be going to Black Sheep Gathering this weekend and my hotel is a mile from the fairgrounds and I haven't been able to find if a bus runs nearby either end of my journey and now walking is going to be an Issue!

So I hobbled off to a very nearby gym but they didn't have any cold packs, then I found a use for Starbucks! (I don't drink coffeee, sacrilege I agree but I cannot stand bitter to the point of gagging.) Yes, they have ice! So I bought a bottle of water and asked for some ice, then iced my ankle for 10 minutes or so (until it reallllly hurt cos not only was it sadly abused but it was now really cold too) and hobbled back to the light rail and up one stop to buy an ankle brace and go and whinge at the transport authority for not marking the edge of the ramps with paint or anything. I iced more, hobbled off, iced more, hobbled off and got the pics of the jacarandas.

I note that noone tried to help me, not the man whose way I fell out of, not the people on the light rail station, noone.

It took me over two hours to get home - a trip that normally takes half an hour but I missed my light rail and had to wait for nearly half an hour, I missed the bus (cos why would the train and bus connect???) and missed the next one whilst visiting the ladies.... Normally I walk the one kilometre from the train but today I had to wait for the bus. My ankle hurts, my knees both hurt (one cos the fibula copped it, one cos it managed to catch my weight before I fell headfirst onto the road...). I am not a happy camper! All because I was Nice to an old man who didn't even have the manners to enquire if I was OK.

But at least the jacarandas were pretty. And I got to reknit all the half of the hat that I ripped out this morning. And my ideas of bringing my spinning wheel with me to BSG have died a death cos I won't be able to spin for a few days - that is sorta convenient in a way. Heck if I can't walk, *I* won't be going to BSG either!

Is this my week or what? Is something trying to tell me something? If so, what is the message? If you go to Black Sheep Gathering you will die? Who has made the little voodoo doll of me and why did you try to rip my ankle off after doing weird things to my ribs?



  1. Ouch! I guess karma will catch up with the non-helping old bloke at some point. The jacarandas are beautiful though. I remember them being mentioned in novels I've read that were set in Cali (maybe The Falcon and the Snowman). It's lovely to see them and the knitted tree-cosys look good too!

    Hope the ankle sorts itself out soon!

  2. That sucks! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Ouch. I hope you have a better week this week.

  4. No I have come to the crucial ankle post. I once did my ankle in rolling it on a tiny curvy curb on the way to school when I was getting into the car. I had to have a week off school and have physio every day. And write the alphabet in the air with my The jacarandas are gorgeous. There are not many flowers out here at the moment. The roses have been pruned and I am 'between' camellias.
    I expect soon there will be bulbs.


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