I did not vote

G'day all!

I didn't vote. Are you surprised?

I will graciously accept this belated present from the American people (unlike the last "gift" which I threw back). I admit to some disappointment that it seems that the high speed rail bonds have failed and gay marriage will be overturned, but heck, I'm takin' what I'm gittin'. Thanks!

In knitting news, this bizarre thing
has to have two button loops and two buttons and then I can show you what it really is. It has a cute little cable:

Here's my other bizarre project:

It is on the backburner whilst I knit 20 items in a week for the craft faire (gads I hate the olde englishe stuff with the es tacked on everywhere...). Four little bags, two bowls (were meant to be bags, ahem!), two scarves, two hats, one cowl, 1.5 pairs of wristwarmers so far... plus two weird monsters. I have two scarves, 3.5 pairs of wristwarmers, a hat and mebbe some more monsters to go, plus four or so nuno-felted scarves. All by Saturday! Plus I have to label and price them all. Oh and price/label the yarn too. Eek!

Ah, if you want to se some of my home city, like the CBD part of it, take a gander at the film linked on this page (but ignore the crapping on about no buses in the CBD - they are misinformed. There are bus routes to/through the CBD, mebbe not BRT but definitely buses). Gosh it was lovely to see stuff from Home and hear some Melburnian accents amongst the random American and ?South African? ones. Or you can look at DH's blog to see the You-Tube and read his other opinions and interests. If you scroll down a little you'll see a fab pic or two that I took on my birthday - I managed to make a stereo image!




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