Friday, November 07, 2008

Still alive!

G'day all!

I am still here, knitting frantically. I've made a few bits and bobs, really it doesn't look like much. I should take a photo of the knitted and fulled, and the nuno felted, items once I have them all laid out drying. Just as well it is a sunny day today and a little warmer too.

The weather has been interesting. After a couple of cold fronts last week/weekend, it has cooled off considerably, though today will get into the low 20s (C). Verra nice! Hopefully warm enough to dry all the handknits for tomorrow!

I'll have pics later - really under the pump currently.

Oh and the contest? Extended until Sunday, same time, mainly cos I am busy busy busy and will be tomorrow too... The prize will be something nice and fluffy for spinners and something nice and knitty for knitters (or crocheters!).


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