A most mysterious box arrived

G'day all!

Yesterday I was sitting at home, knitting away or reading something and generally flaked out when two men appear at the gate. "Fedex," one calls. (May I say at this point that the Fedex uniforms look very smart whilst the brown and gold UPS ones, well let's just say they are much less attractive.)

So I open the door fully and they come in the gate of the patio and with a "This is for you! Careful, it's heavy," dump a box in my arms. "Crikey. What the hell is this?" I wonder as I say, "Thanks!"

Here's the box in question:

Here's a hint of what was inside:


What did I get?

(I'm so excited! Nathan is too cos he wanted it as well.)



  1. Anonymous1:20 am

    A sewing machine....
    You will have lots of fun with that...
    Lea-Anne in Adelaide

  2. Thats what I thought too,it looks like the bobbin winder,if not that it could be computor stuff?


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