Much to be thankful for

G'day all!

This is our second Thanksgiving in the States. This year I noticed a greater theme of thankfulness here - I guess the financial meltdown has given people some reminders about priorities....

(Pics are all a year old, from our Thanksgiving trip to Minnesota. Kudos to those who know where in MN!)

So what am I thankful for? Pretty much everything except the zit that is trying to erupt on my cheek. We have a roof over our heads, we can pay the bills, we can afford to eat well, I can indulge myself in my hobbies and make enough money each month to pay for most of my yarn and fleece habit (except oopsies like Rhinebeck).


I am thankful for good friends who invite us into their houses and feed us, and offer us a place to stay,

who share their lives with us, and provide pets for us to pat and play with.

We tend to forget our good fortune, ignoring our blessings and hoarding our miseries close to our chests, forgetting kindnesses and the beautiful world around us.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving, even if, like us, you aren't American?



  1. For lovely caring kind friends like you!


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