Twas the night

G'day all!

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, and all through the house... the upstairs neighbours are rampaging and squeaking like a mouse (a REALLY BIG mouse). Actually, this night will be very long. The sun sets at 5 now, but cos it RAINED all day and the clouds were lowering, it was almost full dark at 5pm. Reminds me of the worst weather days back 'ome.

I have to make pah for tomorrow. I am wondering if I have enough pie crust mix to make an apple pie and a punkin pah. I made pumpkin pah last year and it almost worked (given that getting the ingredients for a gf/df one was difficult in New Ulm). This year I have a good crust mix, I just have to get the rest right.

I was a bad, naughty spankies girl today. I went up to Bobbin's Nest and bought some nice material to play with. It is pretty but I don't have pics (see abovemention of rain). Most of their fabrics seem to be $8.50 a yard, well all the ones I picked up were, which is pretty darned reasonable I reckon. The quilting places and chain stores charge about $10 a yard, pretty much the same as back 'ome.

I've been bad naughty girl recently. I bought sock yarn and some Cotton Ease at Michael's. I try to avoid buying yarn at Michael's but when they have

I'd never knitted with Kroy before I dyed it up and started hammering away.

stretch cotton wool blend! In pinks, of course.

And, OMG, I bought Red Heart. But it is a wool blend!
It even has aloe (vera). Will wonders never cease?

And this, for a crocheted something to be decided:

Then I got given some really nice yarn by Chelsea at the knitting meetup. I am going to knit some charity items, but first I have to knit the commissioned cardi, a pair of socks, baby pants... I dyed up some of the yarn yesterday cos it is black and white, and hence unknittable. Now it is primary colours and black and while - much better! Much more suitable for a baby surprise jacket that is sadly overdue.

I also did some dyeing. It had a most interesting accident today. I'll show you the results when it is a) dry and b) light here.

That's it for the nonce. Happy Thanksgiving to those who are thankful and



  1. Hi Lynne!!
    What a haul,lucky duck!! And I guessed that sewing machine,wow,not often I get things like that right!!
    Yep i m one of those who pop by to see how you re doing,dont alwasy get to comment but Im here!! Know what you mean about one side coversation as I barely get acomment but decided that my blog is for me to prattle on not to please everyone else who may pass by!!
    Terrible speeling tonight,just tired! Hope you can turn some goodies out with thta machine though!!!!
    Ta Ta Cath (Kambalda)


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