An ancient WIP

G'day all!

Many, many moons ago, I used to hang out at the city branch of Marta's yarns (alas now gone, along with Marta herself). Marta dyed yarn. She loved colour. She made lots of beautiful yarn. I often wished I could do some sort of apprenticeship with Marta. Anyway, I would fondle yarn and daydream, and occasionally actually buy some. One of my favourites was the thick and thin spun hand-dyed yarn.

The other week I was digging through my stash when I came across an old scribble lace project. It must be about three years old. It's made of Marta's yarns. Well I took it along to the craft faire to knit on - makes a nice difference to socks! The jump from 2.5mm needles and throwing the yarn to 15mm needles and continental was nice, if confusing, too.

People exclaimed over it, one little girl was bold enough to ask how much it would be... Given that I spent at least $33 on the yarn, it was a bit out of her price range.


It and the nuno-felted scarves were the hit of my table.


It has smooth-inside glass beads sitting on the laceweight.

It is very girly and pretty.

I really like it.

I have no idea where or when I would wear this.

I am one of those people who catches on things, like the time I knitted a little frou-frou ponchette and wore it to work. At lunch, when I was out, a chap stepped out of a cafe right in front of me, looking the other way, and walked straight into me. After apologising, he tried to walk off but he had hooked my ponchette with his suit buttons and dragged me away with him. After detangling, I then had to set all the hooked threads aright.

Maybe I can use it as a curtain, a rather small curtain. It stretches to about 40cm wide.

Ideas, anyone?



  1. It's so beautiful you should wear it with pride :) Pink looks good with black.


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