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Recently I've been trying my hand at nuno felting. This form of felting uses a backing material (in my case silk chiffon, with one china silk attempt) and wool felted onto/through the backing material. It uses the classic wet felting method (rolling) not fulling (as in throwing a knitted or crocheted item into the washing machine).


I took all of these off to the craft faire last week and people exclaimed and ooh and ahhed over them but NOT ONE sold! They thought they would be hard to care for - given that they get bashed about, thrown, soaked in water and soap, they can be handwashed like you would wash any other woolly item. I use shampoo for my stuff. My asking price was not a whole lot either, nothing like what artisans apparently get in stores and on etsy.

So here they are:

This is one of my favourites, even though it is not in "my colours."
I just love the way the top has wriggled and felted.

This black window pane is pretty cute. The top is "domestic" - not as soft as merino.

This one forms a sheet of wool and silk. This sort of piece can be cut up and used to make bags or other small items.

A white version of the black scarf, only a little shorter.



If you really can't resist any of them, I'm asking USD35 for each of them. None of them are wrap around the neck twice type scarves - they are really for decoration and a little warmth. They will sit nicely under a coat rather than providing that great enormous uniboob look of a bulky scarf. They measure 3-4 feet (1-1.2m) long and 8-12" (20-30cm) wide. I'll be putting these on etsy soon (aka when I get my act in gear).

As for the craft faire?

(A few items I knitted. If some look inside out, you are right. They are. I was helping them dry by turning them inside out.)

Well, I did double the rent, which is good, but I only sold 5 items. I did not make anywhere near as much as I spent on yarn. This means I will have a fair whack of stuff to put on Etsy, see if it sells there. Some I can wear myself or give as gifts but I'd prefer to get some money back on what I made cos some of it is *not* what I like but what I think others like. I guess the people there wanted Really Cheap Stuff and I am not willing to sell things I make for the price of the yarn. Heck, I reckon some people would not even pay that! As it is, I know I'll never make my fortune with crafting, I just want to make some money back on what I buy to pay for the hobby.



  1. I hope you will have more luck with Etsy! I think people there understand the value of handmade wearable art a little better. :)


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