Love in the dye pot

G'day all!

I've been finding me some love in the dye pot recently. Mmmm.

Sock yarn, how many ways are there to make thee glow?

Superwash merino in forestal:


Nice and cushy yarn. Mmmm....


80% merino/20% bamboo (almost sportweight or what Australians call 5 ply) in watercolour:


Such a lush, plus yarn!


75% merino/25% nylon in cherryplum:


(both sold, thanks!)

A different 75%/25% blend in gothica:



(both spoken for)

All of these have enough yardage in each skein to make a pair of socks for a woman (say size nine or so).

All of them are self-striping.

All of them are looking for new homes.

Since I am just starting up again and still working on finding out which yarn bases are good, I'm underpricing these just to get them to a (hopefully) good home. I want at least USD18 for each skein (note there are two skeins of gothica and two skeins of cherryplum but one skein is enough for socks). (One skein of cherryplum is shortish - only about 320m instead of at least 350m so we'll make that one USD15. ETA - short one is sold, thanks!) Oh, the colours may look different on your monitor to real life - eg my laptop tends to make things too light. All bar the bamboo blend will need between 2-2.5mm needles (US 0 - 1.5). The bamboo blend will need say a 2.75mm or US 2 needle. You would need to swatch for your own needs.

I'll be listing these on Etsy by the end of the week, where there are no Mates' Rates (ie price will go up!).

You know some time soon I will edit the pics of the second most recent FOs and show them off. But I have to finish writing up the pattern first. Of course the pattern would work very well with most of the self striping yarn I've dyed - that is why I started working on self-striping stuff again I guess!



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