We have TWO winners!

G'day all!

We have two winners for my birthday contest! TWO!

Alison and Jess!

What are the prizes?
A baggie of 5 or 6 stitchmarkers (let me know if you prefer gold or silver and aso if you despise any colours) and
100g of yarn (most likely sock yarn cos that is what I have most of unless you like handspun!) OR 400g (most of a pound) of unwashed wool OR 200g (nearly half a pound) of washed wool.

Ladies, I am stupid enough to have not taken pics of the possible prizes so I have stolen links to those taken by others:
STR Bella Coola, a blues and greens mix (2007 Rockin Sock club colour) in medium weight
STR Dragon Dance flaming reds, rust, salmon (2008 Rockin Sock club colour) in lightweight (shows the club pattern too)
Colinette Jitterbug in Popsicle. Note it is a lot more green than turquoise...but a very happy skein of colours I'd describe as tropical bird shades.

The fleece? Well you can choose from my Rhinebeck extravaganza or from fleece I bought at Taos last year. I was going to link you to that blog page but alas DH's server disappeared on the weekend and it used to host all my pics so there are no pics shown on the page, so instead look here at the Bond fleece and here at the CVM fleece (now all washed). (and pics now on flickr...which seems to be more reliable, *crosses fingers*)

So, Alison and Jess, let me know what you would like!

In other matters, it is Eye Candy Monday. I leave you with a little of what you fancy

Either hand-dyed yarn:

Or misty suburban creeks:



  1. Whoo hoo hoo! I never win everything (apart from an action man (GI Joe equivalent) that I won when I was about 8. So thank you! Anyway I'm not much of a spinner so sock wool would be great - surprise me!

  2. I won?! Holy crap! I demand a recount! ;op Very cool - and thanks!

    I like silver and CVM... ;o)


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