a herring!

G'day all!

Toof is good. Hooray!

Last week I showed off a box. Leanne in Adelaide and Cathy in Kambalda both guess it was a sewing machine.

And they would be right!

It's a Singer (gosh, you can't tell?) 7468? Hmm, gotta go find the box, which is full of CVM fleece.... It works. It sews. It didn't come with a heap of bits and bobs but we are coping just fine.

I have a soft spot for Singers. I learned to sew on my Mum's old Singer. It was something like a 1969 model, only a little younger than me. I kept it after she died - my sisters both had their own machines. It finally expired with a pop and a sigh 5 or 6 years ago - it popped and the smoke got out. I nearly cried - this machine was Mum's and was a part of her (just like *the* mixing bowl that I dropped two or three years ago - I did cry over that!). The Janome back 'ome just hasn't got the same history, even if I did sew my wedding dress on it.

Now here is the set up for a question for you. I can't reply to comments with any ease using Blogger. Indeed unless you've set certain options or I already have your email address *and* I know who you are, I *can't* reply to your comments. If you choose "email follow up comments to (your email addy)" then I can send a comment to everyone.

Anyway, the question is "Does this influence whether or not you will comment?" Is getting a response important to you? I guess it is polite but it is pretty hard for me to return comments by email if I don't have your email address. Obviously if you are anonymous or block your Blogger profile, I have little hope of knowing who you are or visiting your blog.

Given that I am only getting one or two comments at most per post, sometimes none at all, I can only surmise:

  1. you want me to reply to you, otherwise you go find someone nicer and more polite to talk to, and/or
  2. I am a boring twit and there are more interesting things to look at out there (very true!) and/or
  3. nothing I show off is worth commenting on and/or
  4. it takes too long to comment on my blog and there are lots of other blogs to get through every day or so.

My sitemeter says I get about 100 visits a day. I figure that even if most of those hits are from web crawlers, there must be some real people looking at my blog - the stemeter host list indicate personal visits, not crawlers. I get one or two comments per post. I know that there must be more than one or two real people looking at my blog cos people look at the Flickr pics I post - some have 5 or 6 views.

Mebbe I should turn comments off if I am going to get fussed about not getting any comments. At least there's a reason for not getting them then! And my email is in the corner of the page.

LOL. I don't even know why I am burbling at you. I am whining about not getting comments and can't see how whining at my audience is going to help. Maybe I should get that grumpy old woman button "would it hurt you to comment" for my blog. But that won't work if there is nothing worth commenting on! I dunno. It just makes me sorta sad, having a one way conversation with the universe like some sad whacko shambling down the road talking to himself.



  1. See it's posts like that that get the lurkers out of hiding, don't be surprised if you get a whole heap of them after that!!. I have you on Google reader so I get every one of your posts, just like the 128 other blogs I have subscribed to, some stay for a short period of time, others hang around for a are hanging around for a while. Don't often comment, too busy kid wrangling, but I am reading, often while knitting at the same time. What mum doesn't multitask?

  2. My mum had a Singer ZigZag and I used that for years. I am onto sewing machine 2. I have had it for 20 years and it cost a bomb(thousands) when I bought it.
    Truly, I have no idea how to do the setting up thingy, it took me three years to work out how to be able to reply to my comments!!
    Hope there's no need for a GOW button!!!

  3. I visit your blog everyday to see if there's a new post. I love reading your blog!

    I don't think I've commented before - mainly coz others have already said what I would. Like with your sewing machine, Kathy had beaten me to it - so I didn't comment. Sorta seemed pointless once the answer was already out there. I could see from the tiny pic of the knob showing through the carton, and almost everyone knows that red typestyle!

    I've been reading since you first landed in USA, so backtracked to when you were still in Oz. Being an Aussie just blows my mind about the logistics of an international move.

    Keep posting, and I'll keep reading!

  4. Anonymous12:59 am

    Well it worked because now you have doubled your comment quota per blog...
    I look at your blog every day (because i have no life) and to see what interesting things you are doing and some of your dyeing colors are great...
    I dont usually comment but sometimes its nice to just say HI!!
    From Lea-Anne in Adelaide...

  5. I'm still reading. But lack of time recently has cut my blogging back a lot and I'm not commenting as much either.

    I've also noticed that bloggers post and comments less in December and January. There's all the end of year stuff, then holidays.

  6. Hey that's the same machine I have! enjoy it. I love mine.


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