G'day all!

In fifteen minutes last night, disaster struck not just once but twice:
a) the filling that has been giving me problems fell off!
b) I stabbed myself in the rib joints with both the underwires in my bra.


So now I have a whopping big hole on the side of a tooth and can't eat easily (not that I could before the filling fell off), and I have intercostal muscle spasms (the intercostals are the muscles between your ribs) so I keep thinking I'm having a heart attack (silly goose - if I press in certain spots, it releases the muscle for a while). But will that ruin my weekend?


I am going for a drive today with DH. We will go check out Natural Bridges and find the Monarch butterflies we've been told are overwintering there. Plus I shall visit a yarn shop (= happy me) that apparently has a good bakery next to it (= happy DH). Well that is the plan anyway.

Why am I not seeing a dentist asap? Cos I can't find one that is open on Saturdays! Heck I couldn't find one that was open on Friday! By the time I found a group that was open, they had closed at 5:30 and I rang at 5:34 and go the most unhelpful live answering service evah!

So anyway, to bring this back on topic, here's my Icarus shawl as of a couple of days ago:
(I note people have been sneaking peeks at my Flickr! Three whole views of this pic before I posted it here it is on Ravelry though.)

I am being very bold and doing it in two different yarns, ie I didn't have anywhere enough of one yarn so I played matchy matchies for the really lacy part.

Looks like it will block out ok too!

Haveagoodone, don't do anything nasty to your teeth (or other parts of your body) and


(PS, if anyone knows of an emergency dentist in San Jose, let me know, ta!)


  1. Lovely as is the Martha lace below!!
    Im currently winging my way through the Roe shawl,instructions not whole enough for me but I think Im getting there with common sense!!LOL

  2. Ouch, teeth can be the bane of your life and I know the pain of underwire!!
    Your lace knitting is so gorgeous. It is really amazing how it blocks to be beautiful and lacy. Hope the tooth is fixed soon.


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