Eye candy Monday - a new sock

G'day all!

Toofy-peg is fixed. The novocaine/whatever was pina colada flavoured - much nicer than the bitter plain one back 'ome, only I can't feel half my tongue, part of my pharynx or most of my left lower jaw. Except of course the tooth itself, which is throbbing! Between that and swallowing being a trial (now with added the drool from the numb side), I fear I won't be much fun to be around for the next while.

So let's have some Eye Candy Monday instead.

Here's my Kroy sock, from yarn I dyed and then overdyed cos the first time around was clown barf - you guys know I *love* bright colours but I had dyed this yarn severely wrong.... The second dyeing is not pretty to my eyes but parts of it are very special indeed, at least to me.



Look at this bit of yarn. It is plasticine coloured - remember how when you mixed plasticine, it turned purple with blobs of other colour? (the bigger pic will show it better)
If I can reproduce this effect, I'll be rather happy :-)


It was meant to be a self-striping sock. Still seems to be:

The toe of the first sock:

Kroy is thicker than the yarn I'm used to. I'm using a 2.75mm needle and the fabric is fairly solid. The bows are kinking up a bit too, makes for weird ripples in the material. Twil be interesting to see how it comes up!



  1. glad your tooth is fixed.

  2. Very pretty - glad to hear your toofy peg is fixed.

    Ooh- your comment fairy is funny today:

    Is that the wine equivalent of a goddess?


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