Hooston- we have go! and a sale.

G'day all!

Hooray! DH fixed my laptop!

It turns out the fan was not working after the laptop had been sleeping. It is a known bug that affects both linux and windoze boxes - they both use the same driver.

Anyway, I now have a CPU temperature monitor and a fan that whizzes up and down as needed. Yay!

So now I can torture you with pics of the yarn and tops I've got in some boxes. Yep, you thought you would see what I've been knitting but nope! You get my hand-dyed stuff instead.

A sale

All of this is for sale. I take paypal and (from Aussies) direct deposit. All prices do not include postage and are in Aussie dollars.

Note colours may vary due to difference between monitors.

Citrulla 5 ply / sportweight 100g, 240m+
$10 for both

Mauved - pinker than shown, can't get the colours right! 5 ply / sportweight 100g, 240m+
$10 for both

Granite 5 ply / sportweight 100g, 240m+
$10 for the skein

Cornflower - cobweb lace. I don't have a yardage on this but there is LOTS. 135g in two balls. Colour is a cornflower blue/mauve, hard to capture on camera.
$20 for both

Granite lace - single ply yarn in mauvey greys with flecks of purple, orange, cerise and darker grey/black. 108g, lots of yarn.

Sorry, I don't have yardage for the laceweights as my notes are in the US along with the ballwinder and I'm not unwinding enough to get a rough yardage.

For the spinners

Brachycome top, fine merino, 55g $8

Cherry Sundae
tops (a bit lighter in the "flesh"), fine merino, 90g ($13), 100g ($15) or both for $25

Boygirl tops, merino, 130g, $20.

Impossible aqua, so named because it is really hard to get a colour-representative shot! It is a true aqua of variable intensity. 100g, $15

Misty morning tops. Fine merino, 100g, $15

Oi oi oi. Fine merino, 160g, $25

Pink cherry sundae tops. Fine merino, 90g, $13

Rainbow storm tops. Fine merino, 200g, $30

Sunrise tops. Fine merino, 120g, $18

There is plenty more yarn (but no more tops) to come. Also check out my old yarn page - all that is ready to go too! Note that all yarn is smoke free but not cat-free - every house the yarn and tops have been stored in has at least one cat.

If you want any of the yarn or tops, please contact me natiel311atgmaildotcom asap cos we are going back to the US on the 17th (16th in the US!). I will not be able to send anything after the 16th of November unless we have arranged for it to be sent in the US. Thanks!

Tomorrow/later I'll have more yarn and maybe even an FO to show you :-)



  1. ohno! You're still there? Not here? I mailed your bag on the 2nd! ack!! If it gets returned to me, I'll resend. If you decide to not come back, I'll mail it to Oz. ;o)


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