Hoop number umpty-eleventy

G'day all!

I am picture poor currently due to a full hard disk and a sick computer. I have soooo many pics to share with you too but nowhere to download them and upload them! (Every time I go near DH's machine, it locks up on me so I've given up downloading pics on it for the time being - I've tried four times this week! LOL)

We've jumped through a few hoops in the last few days. Even the US consulate was bearable this time around. The security guards are Australian and have a sense of humour and even a little compassion (one girl was there for the 10:15 intake at 8:30!!! They wouldn't let her in before 10 and told her to go get some coffee and take a seat for a while, hope you've got a book!).

So in the last week we have:

  • discovered that DH may well be quite employable here
  • found I might be able to get work as well
  • rebooked our plane tickets back to the US
  • rebooked our tickets again due to some sort of bungle
  • dragged ourselves out of bed at ungodly hour and gone to the US visa interview
  • wondered a lot why we are going back
  • wondered a lot whether DH will have a job
  • wondered if they will have redundancies and if DH can get one
  • mattocked/dug out a lot of dirt in one afternoon to make a place to build a new woo-tank (rainwater tank made out of rubber liner, marine ply and hardwood frame)
  • wondered why the shops along the roads in the inner city areas are hopping with people and why the place is more alive than downtown SJ
  • plotted our plans for world domination

Which of those is the one thing we didn't do?

Anyway, things seem to be starting to move again. I hope. Let's say that a little progress has been made. Has Mercury moved out of retrograde or something?

On the knitting front, hmm. I've knitted one sock for DH up to the heel turn and am almost to the gusset on the second sock. I started on ?Tuesday? I've started the second sleeve of DH's pullover. It took me half of the worst ever Midsomer Murder to get the cast on right. You would not believe how many times I cast on but the yarn held up fantastically. At this rate, the pullover might be done by Christmas! I've done a little spindle spinning too, making some very silly yarn. It will be rather a challenge to knit up but eh, that is what silly yarn is for!


PS I apologise for not replying to the best wishes for my birthday comments. I didn't receive most of them! Mr laptop is about to go bye bye again, curtailing my replies even more 8-{


  1. So many ups and downs. It;s like being on a roller-coaster, but I reckon if you hang on tight things will work out!!!
    Glad you have your knitting and spinning to keep you busy- I know what it is to be computerless, though it was only for a short time!!

  2. My you have been a busy girl!! Happy Birthday for the other day we were away and it has taken me until now to get up to date on Google Reader, thankfully it patiently waits until I get back to it and doesn't let me miss a thing :-)
    Good luck for: the Visa stuff, the computers working, the sock knitting, the travels back to the US and the safe arrival of your Birthday packages. I think that's all of it!!


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