Fluff cleanout

G'day all!

Straight up, if you are not into fleece and spinning, this is a dull post. Go play somewhere else, cos it is also picture heavy.

I have a *heap* of stuff I want to destash before going back to Australia. Most of this came with me to the USA. Not all. Some of it I can take back with me (but why? I can get more there :-) but I thought it would be nice to share around. Well with a little greenback action to grease the wheels of destashing... Most of the undyed fleece has been flicked and is basically ready to spin. Some hasn't.

Scroll down, gentle reader, and see what lusciousness tempts you! Or what luridness, cos I have some of that too. LOL

Note that I can't send unprocessed fleece overseas (ie out of the USA). Processed top is fine. I take greenbacks (from locals) and Paypal (at natielthreeoneoneatgmaildotcom). If I have to post the items, I will have to charge postage as well. Oh and colours will vary from monitor to monitor. Oh and it has all been stored in a pet-free, smoke-free house (though I won't vouch for them all to be completely cat-hair free cos I keep finding the odd cat hair here even though we have not had cats in the US).

Finnsheep and crosses/blends

Corriedale X Finn. A lovely dark flecked with white fleece, nice long staples. Some locks have a little scurf but this mostly spins out. Some locks are lighter (see second pic). Fine, very soft almost silky fleece, washed and flicked.



8oz, USD16


Finn X Suffolk. This is one of my all time favourites to spin. Long staple, maybe not as fine as some of the corrie/finn crosses, but still creates a wonderful yarn. Washed and flicked, you might find the odd bit of VM but this is pretty easy to remove.


(a short bit)

Nearly 7oz, $USD15



Finn cashmere top. I have no idea what the blend is exactly but it feels lovely :-) 3.5oz, $10


There is also a Corriedale fleece that is virtually identical to the Corrie/finn cross, just a little coarser, 5oz for USD10.

Corriedale and crosses

This is part of a Bond Corriedale fleece. Staple is quite variable, being between 3-5". It's been in storage for a while and needs fluffing. It is very soft and quite fine, having been bred as a handspinner's fleece.



5oz, USD7

This is a lovely Corrie cross (75%). It is part of a grey fleece ranging from lightish to almost charcoal. It is soft and fluffy - finer than most of the US Corriedale I've come across. Staple is not particularly long but it is a great spinning fleece.



Almost 4oz, USD6


Both of these samples are from Wendy Dennis whose family bred the original Polwarths. These are both top notch fleeces. Look at the lock length. They are soft fleeces, particularly the beige one. They are washed (though the biscuit coloured one needs fluffing after being in storage). The white one has been flicked in preparation for spinning. The pics show how long the staples are - there's a few short bits but most of these fleeces were between four and six inches long!

White polwarth - 6oz USD10 SOLD!



Beige/biscuit polwarth - almost 24oz (nearly 1lb, 8oz) USD25 SOLD!


Top - 60% merino wool, 40% silk. This log cost a bit, I seem to remember, at the Bendigo Wool show about 3 years ago. It is lovely stuff and I've been hoarding it for a rainy day. Well that day has arrived, only it is your lucky day instead! LOL

(It's not a maggot, really)


9oz, USD30. SOLD!



Optim. Soft, silky, marvellous! 8.5oz USD32.


Comeback fleece - this is where a ewe has been bred outside her "breed" and then the offspring bred back to the breed. What was the breed? Who knows! This pretty grey washed fleece is part of a fleece that feels about the softness of a good corriedale. It is tippy (the tips can be broken off) and grot will fall out of it easily as you prep and spin it. It would be fun to dye and see how the colours change from dyed white fleece.


6oz, USD10.


A lovely blended roving from Table Rock Llamas. This roving is part domestic wool (about US Corrie in softness) and naturally dyed roving. I suspect the roving contains alpaca or llama (I have difficulty spinning it as I am allergic to camelid fibres).



3oz, $9


Silk hankies, undyed. 5. USD10

Hand-dyed by me

Two different fleeces dyed in a rather goth-type colourway - purply/reddy/bluey/grey, depending on what part you look at. These have been dyed in the lock and need more processing before you can spin with them. Carding or flicking would work well.

This piece is a merino cross from its crimp and fineness.

This is most likely CVM, probably from a sheep named Lulu from Black Pines Sheep. Just guessing!

Merino cross, 1.9oz, USD5 SOLD!

CVM? 4.9oz, USD9 SOLD!


A couple of "sheets" of US Corriedale dyed by moi in blue and plum/pink. This is a little sticky and would work best in felting I think. (But don't quote me). With a bit of work it probably will spin up ok.


1.6oz, USD3


Algae. Some sort of merino cross dyed in the most lurid shade of green you've ever seen. Guaranteed to make your eyes bleed. It is not consistently green across the fleece. It was dyed with Octopus' Garden (below) so there are some bits that are multicoloured. It needs to be carded or flicked before it can be spun.


3.5oz, USD6


Octopus' Garden. Merino cross dyed in a range of rather bright colours. The horror. It needs carding or flicking before it can be spun.


2.1oz, USD4


Top dyed in gothy colours. Not that I like them or anything. Not superwash.


3.5oz, USD12


Top dyed in pink, mauve, almost blue. Not that I like these colours either. Not superwash.



5.3oz, USD20


Last but not least, a very pretty pink to mauvey/bluey dyed fleece. (Colours look familiar? See above!) This would be wonderful spun as a gradient. You could make something that looks like this if you did it fairly fine. But it needs to be flicked or carded first.


3.5oz, USD9


I think that will do for the nonce! I still have some more fleeces to list. I am really not sure what to do about some of them. One was an expensive Corrie fleece that turned out to be full of scurf and only 2/3 the promised staple length. There's plenty of CVM fleeces to come and a Cormo fleece that I was very disappointed in. Anyone got any Cormo roving to trade? The stuff I have is full of VM and I have to spin it before going home. Leave a comment or email me natielthreeoneoneatgmaildotcom (change the obvious bits!).



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