Moving on up, moving on out

G'day all!

Spent a busy day getting more organised here. I have to work out what I want to keep and what is going by Friday. (Hope the various shipping companies are open on Friday - a lot of people have four days off over Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving is tomorrow!).

I got rid of a heap of stuff today - various items of clothing that I know I won't wear again and stuff I had stashed from the op shops for my fabric projects, a box of jigsaws, scraps of material - some went to the op shop (clothing and jigsaws) and some went to the recycle bin (material scraps - don't say I should keep them! I have enough *good* material to keep!). I bought some space bags and vacuumed down my winter clothes (leaving out a few items suitable for a Californian autumn) and some yarn and various clothes I want to keep but can't put in the suitcase. I now have a 3/4 empty closet and two spare plastic tubs.

Next I need to reduce the fleece stash. I haven't gotten pics of the stuff I know is going yet but here's a little list. NB this is only for US people and prices are plus shipping.

3-4lb of white domestic wool, micron count about corriedale. Staples are approx 3" long - mostly longer, some are shorter. Getting rid of this cos it has some VM in it - not heaps but too much for me to take into Australia. Washed and ready to be flicked out, carded or combed. $5 a pound. SOLD!

2-3lb of grey merino (Sarah). Lovely fine fleece but it is tacky from being stored for 18 months and needs to be rewashed. Cost me $15 but I'm happy to let it go for $8. Staple is about 3" long.

2lb or so of what I suspect is cormo but I didn't label it. Fine wool, very soft. Actually, I think it is Rambouillet (so I'll keep a bit). I've only washed most of the dirt out of this one and it needs the lanolin-removing hot wash. $5 a pound

Maybe a pound of grey CVM fleece (Merry) from Black Pines Sheep in Colorado. This fleece is mostly a light steel grey but has CVM variegation in it. It is a pretty fleece with some variation in micron count and staples of about 4". Cost me $14/lb but it is yours for $8/lb. SOLD!

My heart bleeds to get rid of most of my Lulu fleece (white/grey CVM also from Black Pines Sheep). I think there is about 2lb left. Lulu is a lovely fleece, crimpy and bouncy, medium to fine micron, and much of it is ready to flick out and card/comb/spin. Cost me $14 a pound, cost to you $10/lb. SOLD!

There's more to come but I have to go out to persuade some folks they really want our apartment. Alas I am coming down with DH's cold so it will be fun! No energy left after a day of madly packing stuff.



  1. Hey, I will take the 4 pounds of the wool for 5 dollars a pound. Let me know. Thanks!

  2. Oh I hope the cold goes away, or doesn't come at all. Sounds like you are making excellent headway with the de-stashing etc!!

  3. Wish I could take some of the CVM, but I have no way to card...

  4. I'm interested in Lulu and Merry.


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